Drop ship components from a Wilson dealer?

I have a Watt 5 that has a blown midrange driver. I called Wilson and they instructed me how to test the driver with a 9 volt battery. Seems like the driver is dead and it's not just the resistors.

Wilson said that an authorized dealer can have a driver and resistors drop shipped to me from them.

Anyone know of a friendly dealer that would be amenable to this arrangement? I can probably throw in a little $ for the time and trouble.
My guess is that an authorized Wilson dealer is going to charge you MSRP for the replacement parts. The drop shipment is probably an accommodation to you so that you don't have to trek to the dealer.
ScanSpeak 18W8545 and similar

Here is a good place to start, this driver is available in a few different variations, the 4 ohm version would be a 18W4545, and its available with a smaller magnet system 18W8535 for the 8 Ohm version 18W4535 for the 4 ohm version. The 4 Ohm versions may be a lot harder to find.

Good Listening

Thanks for the tip!

When it rains, it pours! I noticed that one of the drivers on my Series 2 Puppy is torn as well. Any pointers on a suitable replacement speaker or a place that has done a good job reconing these?
As far as reconing. Bill Legall at MillerSound is the BEST. He could probably fix your blown midrange too.

He fixed, (better than new) a rare, single full range driver for me that everyone else said couldn't be done and there was no replacement to be found, (custom driver, manufacturer no longer in business).

Bill's the absolute professional in this kind of business. Super highly recommended!!!
The 5 series is pretty old. I would replace the matching driver on the other speaker instead of doing just one.
The woofers in the Pup 2 is the Dynaudio 21W5406, hard to come by these days. If its just the foam surrounds hers is the replacement set
21W Refoam Kit From Memory this seller offers to reform them as well contact him to inquire.

Theres one set of 21W5406 on sale on ebay, but they have been refurbished with rubber surrounds, not sure it would matter much and they might be nice to have as spares.

Best of Luck

I spoke w/ Jerron last year and replaced the Midrange resistors in set of Witt II's. Try Ron Kinnear Of Music Systems in Miami, he's a good guy and may be able to help or steer you in the right direction. 786-331-9012 best of luck.