Drop in replacement for Rega RB300?

Are there any arms that can be dropped in to replace a Rega arm without the need for a new armboard? I am running a RB300 in a SOTA table and just curious of other makers of arms that can just drop in to my armboard........thanks
I asked a similar question on Audioasylum a while ago:

Rega arm drop-in replacement ??

A couple of arms that will work:

- Rega derivatives (Origin Live, Moth, etc.)
- Schroeder No.2 and DPS
- Bluenote U3, B5, Borghese
- Graham Robin
- Hadcock 228 and 242 (with a brass mounting collar??)
- Possibly Wilson Benesch Act 0.5
- Roksan Artemiz, Tabriz(Zi)

Not sure which arm will be a good match to the Sota. Also, it should be easy enough to change armboards, no?
Thanks Restock, yes it is easy I suppose to change board but to save money and effort I am trying to find options wich I dont need to do that, wich you provided and I thank you a bunch for the info.
I hope to get confirmation because on a couple of suggestions it appears it is a "maybe".
I hope to get confirmation because on a couple of
suggestions it appears it is a "maybe".

The Rega derivatives will of course work. Schroeder is o.k. as well. The Robin
has been designed as Rega drop-in, but is now discontinued. For the other ones
it would be nice to hear from someone who have tried this.

I have a table where it is not so easy to change therefore I am looking forward to
more suggestions as well ...

I tried the Origin Live Silver and it was a nice arm, but to tell you the truth, my RB300 with upgraded wire and counterweight was 90% as good. I ended up selling the Silver and keeping my RB300. Plus the Silver is based on the RB250 and I just like the operation of the RB300 a bit more.

If I was to upgrade to anything now I'd probably try to find an RB700 tonearm.

If you haven't upgraded the wire in your RB300 DO IT! It makes a very noticeable difference.
thanks for the continued ideas, keep em' coming!
The Schroder M2 works with the mounting hole and geometery, but would require you to drill 3 mounting holes and either tap them, or use appropriate screws depending on which arm board you have. I know, I just swapped out an OL Silver [available BTW ;~)]for an M2. Its a bit hairy; you have to properly center the arm collar in an oversized mounting hole and then mark the mounting hole locations, then drill them accurately- A drill press is highly recommended. I did it to a monkeywood armboard and it brass (them must be non-magnetic) wood screws worked; if the wood was harder (cocobolo, ebony) or if it was a metal armboard, it would have to be drilled and then tapped for a nonmagnetic bolt (stainless or brass). NOT simple drop in like the Rega derivatives.
Thanks everyone for taking time to help.