Drone Zone on SomaFM - anyone listening?

"Served best chilled, safe with most medications" is how it's described. If you have iTunes you have this under Radio > ambient > Drone Zone SomaFM

This stuff really trips me out. I've been listening to it every night to fall asleep and ho-boy, the dreams...

Is anyone else into this kind of music? It's sort of ambient soundscape if I had to classify it.

Check it out
Yeah, I have actually listened to it a few times over iTunes in the background while surfing websites...
Is it like space music?

That type of music transports me to a different time and space. Think the movie Dune, Conan or Blade Runner. Imagine living in ancient Greece at the zenith of its power only completely deserted or wandering through the vastness of a foreign moon.

I especially like that stuff at night when it's really dark. It enhances the spooky factor.
My wife and I listen to Drone Zone all the time as our sleep music. We also like Cryosleep, which is now only on Shoutcast. There are lots of ambient/electronica stations out there, but those are the only two we've found with no beats at all, which makes them perfect for slumber inducement...

Drone is real good. especially because their library is so extensive. Most webcast stations repeat and repeat the same stuff, so only a few hours every month is ok. But drone can be listened to for almost a week.
hey someguy, do you have any recommendations for similar stations?

You gotta love a station that plays a song called "a huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the senter of the ultraworld" (by The Orb) I went into this little music store yesterday to see if i could find it and the guys there knew immediately. "Oh, that's a classic, dude!" one said. and you know...it really is!
Another one to listen to:

I've been listening to Beat Blender on SomaFM all day today... I'd found the site a while ago, but had totally forgotten about it. I like most of the SomaFM stuff that I've listened to.
You might check out LIVE365.. they are a bunch of ambient and electronic stations.. not nearly as good as dronezone, though. especially because they have "ad" breaks, which are really just really annoying self-promotion spots for their premium service that doesnot have those ads or funny promotions for some unknown rising gospel or country musician newest album..

soma also has some other stations that are more beat oriented.. as well as an ok indie rock station..
Thanks guys. Is anybody recording off these stations? What are you recording on and how are you doing it? is there any computer program that can record to a hard drive in real time?
I use Audio Hijack but I'm a Mac guy.
Anybody notice Drone Zone is losing its steam? suddenly i'm hearing voices and beats...and that's not just in my head. it's harder to go to sleep with this on w/o having nightmares.