DRmare Tidal Music Converter

Hi- thought this forum might help with respect to this topic. I'm an active runner and use a Garmin 945, which supports amazon music and some other services, but not Tidal.  In searching for solutions, I see there are a number of software programs out there that claim to convert tidal to files on your computer which can then be loaded into your watch. Has anyone used these with success? Are they legit?  Just looking to avoid inadvertently downloading some software that then destroys my computer... Thanks in advance!   To answer a question some may have, I have amazon music as well, but there are a lot of songs I like that it doesn't have (EDM stuff for running) and I'm locked into Tidal for another year (BestBuy just had a great deal at $49 for a year of Tidal HIFI) so I am ringfencing my solution path here to using Tidal.

Are they legit?
Speaking as a software engineer, there are ways to capture an audio stream as it moves through the system, and I have no reason to doubt that the software works as claimed.

The other question is whether it is legitimate and legal to use such software. The music label would consider it to be piracy. It allows you to make a copy of music that you can continue to use without a Tidal subscription. From Tidal's standpoint, it is a violation of the terms and conditions of using their service (many of those conditions are required by the music labels in their license agreement with Tidal).

You could make the argument that you are operating within the spirit of the law if you intend to delete the music files after you end your Tidal subscription, but then we are getting into a murky area. To be fully compliant you need to be using a device that supports Tidal.
Use Tidal on Garmin? I have had a successful experience with this with the aid of a third-party Tidal music converter from AudFree. Using the tool, I convert Tidal songs to common audio formats like MP3 and then save them to a local folder with lossless quality. Then, I just need to import local Tidal songs to my Garmin by Garmin Express app.