Driving YG Carmel's

I have been enjoying my time with the YG Carmel speakers. Have any users of this speaker tried tube amps and/or SET's driving the Carmel's?
I use the BATRexpower amp (80wpc) and the sound is over the top good. Room is around 14 X 19 X 8'
Tube amps would be the best way to go. The highs can be very unnaturally bright with solid state.
Thats just not true. Having used them with several amps and heard them in four systems not mine, all SS BTW, these speakers have the least sonic signature of any I have owned or heard. Also you need to listen to more of the better tube amps out there, they extend way up there, just like SS.
Stringreen, I'm with you on this one...
Not sure how much listening you guys have done with the Carmels, but my conclusions come from around a year of experimenting with them.
As far as the original question. I prefer tube amps with every speaker i have owned. The Carmels let them show better than any other speaker i have owned or auditioned.
Go for it! :)
Tom Hankins: Thanks for the info! I agree that the YG's are very revealing. I use the "Concert Fidelity" line of electronics to run the YG's (which are very revealing also) and with well recorded material the musical effect is positively "mesmerizing"! I was curious if any users of these YG's had tried a powerful SET. I believe 50 watts would be the least amount of power you could use!
Manley Audio setup- Steelhead, 300b preamp and 250 neo classic amplifiers.
Within its limitations, it doesn't get any better.
great results using the new devialet unit on the market which blends class a and d about 240 watts (used at a number of the recent audio shows). I have also had great results mixing quality solid state amp with good tubed pre. The real key with any quality product like your carmels is system balance and synergy.
I am using a Hegel h-200 with very good results.to gain even more output I am buying XLR interconnects,the new MIT interconnects also have impedance matching switching which balances the network even further.
Adding a high quality powered Subwoofer will give the system even more flexability.p.s your digital choice or turntable will have a big effect
As to the final tonal balance.these speakers donot add any colorations
.even a powercord change will add to the balance after breakin.
What happened to the Revels and the B&Ws?

I sold the Revels, and the YG Carmel's are more transparent ,seamless,and detailed
Then the B&W diamond which is still a excellent loudspeaker,the cabinet is fuller sounding,the Carmel's only lack lower Bass but a pair of the New JL
audio E-10 subs are superb and 98 % as good as the Fathoms at less then 1/2 the cost,this is now a full range speaker system.i got very lucky on auction here on the Carmel's got them for 1/3 rd the cost,this speaker setup is my new Reference .
Unless I get major bucks this will be my last speaker system.
I'm driving Carmels with Nuforce ref9se v3 with Modwright tube preamp. Really loving these speakers, at first they seemed a little lean, now I just think they are transparent and very revealing. I am curious to try with other amps, possibly a tube integrated like the VAC. BTW any opinions on distance from front wall placement?