driving tyler linbrooks with an SET

i love my linbrooks but have been intrigued with art audio's px-25 for quite some time now.
can anyone share their thoughts or opinions on driving the linbrooks with this sweet looking 6watt amp?

ty lashbrook has said he enjoys his linbrooks driven by an 8watt jolida 300b in a demo room. joe fratus has said that his px-25 will comfortably deal with the 4ohm nominal load the tyler present assuming the crossover is relativley friendly. i seem to think the linbrooks have a 1st order crossover, or maybe i'm making that up. i don't know much about crossover design so if anyone can chime in here it would be appreciated.

my dilemma stems from the fact that i can't seem to audition a px-25 locally, don't know anyone with a low powered SET to experiment with, and can't afford the change in amp without selling my cary v12i in order to bring a px-25 home. in an ideal world, i keep the v12 and get the px-25 for a back-up, but my checkbook forces me live in reality.

i do not have a huge room, its a irregualr shaped basement that i am forced to set my stereo up in. it's not ideal, but some people don't like gear in the living room...stop me if you've heard this one.

if anyone can help it's much appreciated.

You will love the the PX 25! You may need a sub for the real low stuff(below 40Hz) but once you hear a SET you'll be shortly looking for a more efficient speakers (horns, single driver,etc.). Nothing touches a SET!
I completely agree with Philefreak. As good as our 7W 300B SET amp sounds with our Silverline Sonata II's, the Silverline's cannot approach the intimacy and immediacy of our horn speakers.

You might also take a look at Audion. Astounding performers: www.ossaudio.com
Randy Bankert is the distributor, and you could probably spend less than you were intending.
All the best,