Driving Sonus Faber Elipsa

Hi everyone, this is my first post here:-)

I have a pretty good deal on the table for purchasing a pair of Elipsas and I am a bit concerned whether my amps are going to powerful enough to drive them.

I currently own two amps: i) Air Tight ATM-1 and ii) Ayre AX-7e. Neither of them are quite powerful (36Wx2 and 60Wx2 for 8ohm, respectively). Is it a good idea to get these speakers?


I use McIntosh MC402 with mine, and the sound is terrific, the amplifier loafs. You may need more to drive them properly.
Ted, I think your Ayre's will go great with the Elipsas. Most likely the Air Tight will work well too. The ATM-1 is a very nice amp...remember SF speakers seem to really LIKE tube amps.