driving PSB Bs

Firstly, I am new to the site, and audiophile market, and having such an active forum of enthusiasts to educate myself has been a real treat!

I'm in the process of purchasing PSB's Synchrony 1B monitors. Now I am after an amp. 90/10 music/video. I listen to a lot of Jazz, acoustical folk, neoclassical.

I have read that PSBs do well on solid state amps. Integrated? The short list of what I am considering;

Simaudio Moon i-3.3: Very feature rich that I may not need?
Anthem 225: Great for what it is, can do better for 1Bs?
Peachtree nova: Budget value, skewered toward PC/Ipod input?
Bel Canto eVo 2i
Used Plinius?

Would love some input on those, or other options I should consider. $2.5 more or less. Considerably more be worth it?
I have PSB platinum T-6s driven by Naim 250 amp and have also used a Naim 140, Nad and Adcom amps. all sounded very good. I have heard Simaudio but not with PSB. Very dynamic sound. Plinius very high end should work well. Not familiar with Bel Canto. Anthem and Peachtree Nova are not in the same league as your other choices. PSB are fairly sensitive so they should work with a large variety of amps.
Just thought I would mention the new Bel Canto c5i too.

Any opinions on it?