Driving me crazy

Wow where do I begin.
About seven years ago I drove the volume up on my amps to high on accident and popped the bass drivers on my dynaudio c-4 speakers. Sent them in to dyn and had them fixed. Seven years later and two different systems, acoustic treatments, new speakers, cables, cd player, moved the system four different places in the room and the left side always has more bass and sounds crystal clear. Now here is the cool part, if I switch the speaker cables on one end of the amp or pre out at the preamp the right side gets better.
Sometimes I move things around and it plays good for a day or two then goes right back to it. When I am sitting in front of the speakers and change the balance on the pre-amp I can clearly hear the difference.
The only thing I have left is something in the AC power, and I did have it checked.
I could go on and on about all the things I have tried in seven years, but it would take me a month to explain it all and I figured no one would believe this story anyway. Next up is a priest.
I can tell you a little is my room and I know that, my hearing is fine but I am ready to get a baseball bat and put an end to my misery. If anyone has a good suggestion I'm all ears.
Speakers  Dynaudio C-4   Tyler acoustics DX1    Aperion t-5
CD players   Simaudio  Andromeda  - supernova and a harmon kardon
Amps  Simaudio W-10 monos  Adcom GF5500  
pre-amps  Simaudio p-8   Simaudio P-5  and even tried a Dspeaker dual core
Cables   MIT oracles  went to Transparent ref  to assorted interconnects and anticables speaker cables
If I spend any more money on this system my wife may divorce me.
Thanks in advance.
Can you setup a system page and posts some pictures of your room and equipment?
I will post some picstures tonight. The funny thing is i had four different ststem in this room before this happened and never noticed this.

Try cleaning the connections including the speaker,  amp, all your cables with some Deoxit and treat with 22 Stabilant.


Have someone switch it without telling you what or when. Another psycho acoustic effect can be lighting. Speakers that don't have the same amount of light hitting them may alter your perception of how they sound.
I would try to narrow it down . Start at the source and work your way back to the speakers. I would suspect the pre amp,or amp.Good luck, this stuff could be a pita some times. TG

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Added pictures of my system setup without the dyns or the p-8 pre-amp and the transparents are out at the moment
I have cleaned them many many times thinking the same thing, but not the problem.
I have had three or four system in this room before this one and never noticed anything till the day i popped my speakers seven years ago, now i am hearing everything, and it might be me.
I have been doing this off and on for seven years. I built a wall in my living room, I gone so crazy with this.
I moved the system to the other side of the room, where my sofa is in the pictures is where my system has always been.
I do have a guy in Sarasota maybe comming to help me.
By the way i have bought all kinds of acoutic treatments from GIK and even a Dspeaker 2.0 dual core, no help. treatments make it sound worse.
And please dont laugh, but bought new speakers thinking my dyns were still broke. But the little cheap speakers do the same thing, so i jumped the gun again
To eliminate its not the room caused the problem, can you connect a headphone to your power amp speaker output by using a headphone adapter to confirm it?  
I have a retired audio expert coming by tomorrow afternoon to help.
I will keep you posted.
" sfall
I have had three or four system in this room before this one and never noticed anything till the day i popped my speakers seven years ago, now i am hearing everything, and it might be me. "

Can anyone else here this problem besides you? At this point, I think that would be the most valuable piece of info to have.

I'm sure you've already done this, but if not, you may want to have your ears cleaned. If you do some searching, you'll see quite a few audiophiles report significant improvements after a cleaning.
Thank you for all your suggestions.
The room was causing some of the problem, I have moved everything 180 degrees and have the system caddy corner in the room. I received my new speakers yesterday and everything is playing beautiful now, so the dyns may have had a problem.
I was starting to wonder myself about my hearing, and at fifty five years old im sure its not the best. But at the time being everything is playing great.


If I spend any more money on this system my wife may divorce me.

So spend some more $$ quickly.

The "half" she takes in the divorce may be the culprit

I just did on a new pair of speakers, now i have to take her on a vacation. (not a bad deal)
Everything is playing great, the only problem now is if i move the speakers more than six feet apart everything starts to move to the left side again. I guess i just have to live with it in my Frankenstein of a room.
The vacation surely must be to Munich next May for the high end show !!!!!!
I wish, but not this year. Going to Vegas for a week.
I also moved the new speakers to seven and a half feet wide and towed in right to my seat and sounds fantastic.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
You might be setting the speakers too far apart. This can lead to an unstable stereo image and other issues from side wall reflections.