Driving Maggie 1.6s?

Can I efficiently drive 1.6s with an ARC VT100 or VS110? I am currently using a Bryston 4BSST.
Over on the maggie users group there are people that would give their right arm for that Bryston. Why the change? If you can keep the Bryston, why not bi-amp with ARC's on top. I understand maggies were voiced with ARC.
How big is the room? What types of music do you listen to?
Complex, large orchestral music reproduced in a large room will probably not be a satisfying match, IMO. Rock and metal played loudly might be disappointing as well.

On the other hand, small chamber works, jazz ensembles, vocal music in a small to medium sized room might be just fine.
I want to add 3D, air, and reduce the edge. Maybe you can suggest a tube preamp to get there. I primarily listen to vocals, jazz, and rock and roll.
Blue Circle.

What is your budget?
I am currently driving my 1.6's with an ARC 100.2 and an ARC Ref 2 mk1 preamp. I previously had an ARC LS 16 mk1 and it had all the elements you are looking for. Lots of depth, no fatigue and plenty of bloom. What are you using for a pre? Because maggies like lots of current and are toting a 4 ohm load, I would stick to a SS amp such as your Bryston, and play around with a tube pre. If you are considering an ARC product such as the LS 16, 25 or Ref's, make sure they are the mk1 version as they are more laid back, have more "bloom" and have more of an overall "tube" sound than the mk2's.
I used Rogue Magnum 120's for a while with my Maggie 1.6 and it was never enough for me in terms of volume. It did have a wonderful focus and depth. I could see where tubes are a good way to go with Maggies if you do not want too much volume otherwise it cost too much. BTW you may want to consider an Autoformer if you go with tubes, it will add volume and let you control the tightness of the bass, pretty fun and sounds good too.

As far as the edge, I believe the Maggie midrange has so much output it needs to be tamed with ficus trees or foam or whatever you have on hand.
Odyssey Xtreme Monos. Give Klaus a call.
I would like to stay at $2000 or less, but would like to stay cheap and used until I decide what I really like.
I forgot to add the current system.
4BSST directly into PS Audio outlet
Shanling CDT - 100 through tube out w/JPS digital A/C
Siltech interconnects
Kimber Bi-focal X
Richard Gray 400