Driving HT receiver w/quality preamp?

Thinking about using BAT, ARC, etc. preamp to squeeze more sonic goodness from a quality 2-channel CD front end.
Would feed this to my Onkyo 876 HT receiver's solid state amplifiers (in Pure audio mode, of course).
My available space is limited so this makes sense for me.
Anyone doing this?
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If you have a space limitation problem, I think a much better use of space would be to build a high quality 2-channel rig, then add a decent HT receiver to power the center and surround, plus provide HT processing functionality.

For me, that would mean buying the best 2-channel integrated amp I could buy, then using the receiver for HT add-on.

Your proposed solution is "subtractive" in nature. Passing the signal throguh your HT receiver, even with a pure audio mode, cannot make the sound better. The HT receiver would be nutural at best and would likely negatively affect the sound.

If you build a quality 2-channel system using a great integrated amp or separates, then add the receiver for HT only duties, your 2-channel sound would never be compromised.


Backwards. Feed the L/R output from your AVR through the preamp and keep all the traditional source in the preamp. Many preamps have a HT bypass input for that purpose.

May want to consider a CJ Met1 6-ch hybrid preamp
Ive got cd/sacd/dvd/tv into the cj pre to a cj amp,sub and a denon5803avr. Once it broke in this pre was an aha experience for me. Whether 2 or multi channel, cds, tv, movies, all sound better.