Driving Dynaudio Focus 220 IIs


I will probably buy Dynaudio Focus 220 IIs.

I'm also looking at buying an amp. I like the two below because I can use them in either US or Europe (voltage switchable easily) and I can level-match sources.

Linn Majik-I (100 watts into 4 ohms, damping factor > 170)
Arcam A38 (140 watts into 4 ohms, damping factor 30)

I really wish I understood the science better -- I don't know what to look for to match speaker + amp choice.

Any thoughts on this choice? I can't AB compare the amps. Thank you!
Hello, a quick follow up with more info:

I hope the Arcam info is a typo. I got the damping factor of 30 from here (bottom right corner of second page):

The official specs of the Arcam (no mention of damping factor or impedence) are on page 16 here.

The Linn info is here -- much more detailed specs:

The Linn is has a switch mode power supply (instead of toroidal).

I'm hoping to get advice from some people that understand the science behind speaker/amp matching. Thank you!

Maybe both are bad choices?
Personally my first word of advice is to stop looking at specs (I know that in some cases that's all that available when no dealers are around). That being said I am not familiar with either amp you are looking at. All Dyns love good clean current not watts. I had a Byrston B100 for my C1's which was rated 180watts into 4 ohms. I now have an Octave tube integrated rated at 70watts into 4 ohms. The Octave has world more control than the Bryston. As far as solid state I had Naim on my short list for it sounded as if there was a lot more power than what it is rated at. I am a firm believer that you want to buy your speakers first them get an amp.
I would be picking as high powered amp as possible for use with Dynaudio speakers. I had a set of Audience 42 monitors and they were easily shutting down my 100 watt Creek Destiny after about 1/2 hour of loud playing and this is in a bedroom and I'm not talking crazy loud just your basic loud level. I love Dynaudio speakers and think they are some of the best sound I've heard but they do like some beefy power that is a sure thing.
I have a pair of these on display and use a Class D amp with an output of 75WPC into 8 ohms doubling down to 150WPC into 4 ohms.

It does an excellent job in a mid to large size room.

However, I would not use a smaller amp unless most of your listening is at low to average SPL.

Dealer disclaimer
I would agree that a powerful amp goes a long way with these. Not a requirement by any means, but very helpful IMHO.

I have owned a pair since shortly after they were released (about 2 years now) and have run them with Simaudio W6 monos, Bryston 4B-SST, and a pair of 7B-SST. The 4B couldn't quite cut it (timing, resolution, were not quite up to par compared to the monos). But upgrading to the 7B's made all the difference. The W-6's also sounded killer but not quite as neutral as the 7B's, it would come down to preference in that case. I'm currently using the 7B's. Good luck.