Driving a Thiel

I'm looking at purchasing some of the discontinued floorstanding Thiel Models (CS .5, 1.5 and 2.3)and was wondering whether my 120 Watt Marantz SR 8200 receiver has enough power to drive these speakers. I'm not playing anything loud but other threads about appropriate amps and so forth concerned me.

Thanks for all the help!
I have had Thiel 1.0, 1.2, 2.0, 2.2 ans 2.3
and used B & K 202 200 wt-OK
McIntosh 200 wt-MC206-Heaven
no a cheapo reciever will not work
Had a pair of 1.5s that I wish I'd never sold. Ran them on Classe, Mac, Cary, and Musical Fidelity, both tube and solid state. By far the worst combo was with the Musical Fidelity, IMO. You need a good AMPLIFIER, not a receiver; otherwise you'll hear the limitations. 120 clean watts for the 1.5 was more than enough.
I want 3.7s/But heard CS1.5s with a Thiel sub and Bryston electronics that was heaven
It's not the impedance OR sensitivity alone.

Many Thiel speakers have some awful phase angle problems, sometimes where the impedance dips.

Good amplification, maybe even an ICE based solution?