Drivers for Paragon Acounstic JEM

I own a pair of Paragon Acoustic JEM/Jubilee
My children wripped the paper on the JEM drivers and I am thinking of replacing the drivers.
I beleive they are Dynaudio 9" PHa woofers.
Does anyone know where I can find replacements?
start by contacting dynaudio usa. there may be a newer driver thats a drop-in replacement. the paragons are excellent, and worth preserving.
You might try Madisounds. They used to sell Dynaudio drivers up 'til the time Dynaudio started marketing their own speakers and stopped selling drivers to 'competitors'.

If that don't work and if Dynaudio is no help you might contact a speaker manufacturer using Dynaudio drivers and see if they might help you.

Jubilee/Jems are a great speaker system. I used them for about 7 years. Good luck.
Madisound will sell you replacement drivers if you ship them your old Dynaudio drivers. Hope Paragon did not modify or special order those drivers since Madisound only carries stock Dynaudio drivers.
Did both drivers get damaged or just one?
If you get a chance to pull one out and get the model number off it let me know, I may be able to help you out if it is one driver and if it's a 24W100. I have 1 24W100 brand new in box never used from Solen back when the drivers were available to DIYers.
Are these woofers still available?

I've had the Paragons for 14 years and never dreamed of replacing them, but the woofers' surrounds are torn.
And Yes, they are 24W 100 with 3 ohm resistor in series.
I should add that the drivers themselves are 8 ohm, and 4 ohm version (new, with rubber surround) are available. The speaker designer must have added resistors to bring the impedence up or reduce woofer excursion. Maybe I should just buy the refoam kit and then experiment with removing the resistor?