drivers for celestion 700 available ?

does anyone know if drivers for celestion 700 are still available ?
No, they haven't been available for years. Drivers for the 600 series were available and were used to repair the 700s. Totally changes the sound. Too bad, the 700SE was a truly great speaker.
thanks for the info...that is a bummer.. i agree with you, the 700se is a incredible speaker..

is there anything that comes close to it under $6k new ?
What's wrong with your drivers? The butyl surrounds on the woofers will eventually tear. If that's your problem, there are many shops that can replace them, although you may have trouble finding butyl replacements.
what if it's the aluminium-domed tweeter that he needs? (I have a pair of the original SL6 models with the copper dome)

Old thread but..

The woofer for the SL700 is the same as that for the SL6S. So you can cannabalize an SL6S not an SL6) for woofers.

Celestion in boston still has the tweeeters for about $50 each as of 2 years ago, when I bought some spares.
Hi, Can anybody let me know if Celestion in Boston still exists? If they do what is their address?