driver moving too much

I have recently bought a turntable for my audio system. It is a music hall 2.1 and I have noticed that when playing some recordings the driver in my speakers moves a lot especially at high volume levels. Even when there is silence in the recording the driver moves without producing sound. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what causes this and if it is bad for my system in any way. ANy inputs will be appreciated.


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Twl gives good advice. I solved a problem with floor-borne vibrations when I had my rega 3 on a sideboard by getting a slab of 3 inch thick firm foam, placing a 2 inch thick concrete slab onto the foam (compressed the foam to about 1.5 inches) and then putting the turntable on the concrete. This completely cured the floor vibrations from feeding back to the turntable and got rid of the rumble.

I would say that floor vibrations are only a problem if your room has a suspended floor.