Drive one nuts???

While sitting in the sweet spot, does anyone feel as if their arms and legs get in the way of enjoying what your systems soundstaging abilitys are capable of producing? Seems as if with "every movement" I make while sitting and enjoying the music, it interferes with the imaging... Can drive one nuts at times. Any comments on such a dilemma? Does it bother you? Thanks... PS, i'am a soundstage nut. (and no, i need my limbs so cutting them off would not be an option>>> (:^)
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Wrap yourself in foam or just sit back and try to enjoy the music!
I have read posts along this line before...speakers I guess? My speakers through a fairly large soundstage so I don't have any real problem with that...I guess their is a price to pay for pin-point imaging.

The problem probably has more to do with the particular speaker's dispersion characteristics and possibly room reflections than it does with the pinpoint imaging effect.

Since the poster didn't say what speakers he owns or what his room is like it would be difficult to offer any meaningful advice. But I like Jmslaw's idea of having him wrap himself in foam. Who knows, a little acoustic foam and some duct tape could work wonders. :)
Try my new "Straight Jacket Without Gain", comming to your local retailer soon.

It's the clothing.
Listen naked.
Use headphones.
Arms and legs... Can't listen with 'em, can't live without 'em.

I use memory foam, it's easier to put back on the next day.
it's just the music. it shouldn't be that important. don't sweat the minor details.

Drive one nuts? Consider yourself driven. ;)
Upon further consideration on the subject matter posted, i've come to the conclusion that the problem lies in the fact that my listening chair sits to low, and, (i like to slouch when i sit), the result being that my arms and legs sit to high, ergo; if i sit up the dilemma goes away... I wonder if a new chair would help? (;^)...