drive by truckers

I know this band has been around for a while but I just discovered them and really like there sound. Anyone else like them?
for extra credit,,ha check out jason isbell. he was with dbt for a while [wrote some great songs like decoration day] and his 2 solo cds are great
Yup been following them for a long while - Potato Hole is genius!
I used to see them in the early-mid 90's at a O'Neileigh's, a one-trailer bar in Macon GA. They were like Appalachian punk, with banjos and mandolins. Years later, I heard they'd achieved wider acclaim, so I saw them at Austin City Limits. Good for what it was, but nothing as I expected. They had transformed into sort of a crowd-pleaser southern rock band, and abandoned the hardcore-bluegrass that made them interesting to me in the beginning.
they also backed and produced up bette lavette on her comeback cd a year or so ago. potato hole was with booker t