Drive a pair of CREMONA AUDITOR M's

I really want an Accuphase E450 and I've got my 1st in home demo for nextg week. I heard an Sim audio’s Evolution i-7 integrated on som no name speakers; sounded good.

Both ht e Accuphase and Moon are in hte same ballpark at $8 grand. Does anyone have a suggestion between the two amps or am I overlooking another opportunity?

This needs to be the "last amp" I buy type of thing!


Well, since it's the last amp, you'll need to look at the Jeff Rowland Design Group's Continuum 500. It'll be a great match with the Cremonas.

I would strongly suggest the PATHOS LOGOS to power these speakers BUT before you listen to them make on the logos make sure you swap out the stock JJ tubes. I have in mine the EI Elite 6DJ8's and the difference between these and the stock is night and day. I do not know why pathos puts those JJ tubes in their products unless they never heard them with the EI's. The cryo sovtek 6922's are also much better. They give you better detail and resolution. I have this exact same set up and it is to DIE for. You would be doing yourself a great injustice if you did not try this amp out.