Dripping faucet leading to a flood; performed by?

Back in 1977-78, I went to an audio store to audition Essence Speakers (I think) and the demo album was an orchestrial electronic peace. It was recorded very well and had great sound stage and depth. One song starts out with the sound of a dripping faucet into a glass, the glass fills up and spills over into the sink, the sink fills up and spills over onto the floor and so on and so on until you have a raging flood. For some reason I have been recollecting this song and can't remember who performed it. I thought it was Rick Wakeman's - Journey to the Center of the Earth but struck out. It is in that genre of music style though.

I believe the song may have taken up one side of the album and it may have been a two or three album set.

Okay you song sleuths, have any guesses?

Thank you for your assistance.

"For some reason I have been recollecting this song"

Is your toilet running?

I remain,
Have at look at this, beginning track 9. It is the only thing I can find that remotely connects to your description.

I think it's called "Consequences" by Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, a 3 LP set. I have it but I've cranked the stereo down for the night. I'll check it out tomorrow.
I knew you would come back with a quick wit one liner. The toilet is fine but thanks for asking. I only think of this song in the day time.

Thanks for that lead on "Consequences." I did various song title searches on Allmusic.com and saw that one but there was no way to find a sound sample. Thanks for wanting to listen to it and letting me know.

Thanks for the the suggeastion but it is too short and was recorded in '87. It looks like Travis may have the answer.
It's NOT Wakeman's "Journey to the Cener of the Earth".
Maybe you're mis-remembering it a bit. I found on Side 2-B, 3rd cut of "Consequences" a man brushing his teeth (probably binaural recording at that point), leaving the room, then a drop of water starts slowly and gets faster, it's obviously filling up a container (the lavatory?) and then it becomes a wave, rhythmically, and then it becomes a beat in a rock band at a concert with an audience cheering. This is one weird 3 album set. Peter Cooke does an enormous amount of monolog/dialog and even Sarah Vaughn gets into the act at one point. The copyright is dated 1977.