Drink of choice for serious listening?

This is a frivolous topic but probably won't end up any worse than a lot of more technical threads around here. But right now I'm settling down to listen to music for a few hours. I've got a glass of Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon on two cubes of ice which is a pretty good substitute for when you can't get your hands on a bottle of Blanton's.

I also like Aberlour A'bunadh single malt Scotch. No ice. Usually neat but maybe a few drops of water.

So when you sit down for serious listening do you like to have drink? If so, what? Doesn't have to be alcohol of course.
Agree with 4 Roses single barrel bourbon   That is exactly what I was drinking tonight.

"drink of choice for serious listening"?

For serious listening, no drink would be best. Just saying. Enjoy!
For serious listening, not serious listening or not listening at all - French wine only.
@inna Any favorites?

Maybe we should have an alternate thread rather than what do you drink when you're listening to what do you listen to when you're drinking. :-)