Dream vs. Reality - What have you bought?

Just curious about how Audiogoner's have gotten to where you are.  What systems have you heard that really seemed worth outrageous fortunes, vs. what did you end up with?

You wish you could buy ..... X but being more expensive than your home, you bought Y instead and feel you got close.
Is this you, or are you "I heard X and never heard better." type of listener?
Also, considering that some speaker systems are enormous, do you really think they'd work in the home you have?
What I have is Genelec 8351b and 7350a subwoofers calibrated with GLM. If I could afford it and had the room I would pair the 8351b with the W371 woofer system and use 1 - 7370 subwoofer for sub bass. If I could have an immersive system I'd have 7- 8351b +W371 and 4- 8341a and 1- 7370. I don't think there are a lot recordings that would take advantage of immersion. 
There is this thing called lucid dreaming. Like regular dreaming only better. There's various methods. The one I like, just before going to sleep you say to yourself, "Tonight I am going to dream. In my dream I will know it is a dream. When I know it is a dream I will spin around. Then I will be able to do anything I want. Tonight I will fly." Or race. Climb a mountain. Whatever. I like fly. Like Superman fly. 

This technique actually works. A side benefit, dreams go on longer, are far more visually detailed and pleasurable. Was never really certain whether I dreamed in color or black and white before. Someone asked, can you read letters in your dreams? Didn't know. Bedtime came, "I will fly a helicopter." Sure enough, I could read the gauges!  

This lucid dreaming technique will enable you to have pretty much any dream you can imagine. You could even dream the dream you are dreaming right now.
You know what I have. See system. I'd like to try the flea-powered route with a top notch 45 SET and DHT phono amps etc.
"...What systems have you heard that really seemed worth outrageous fortunes..."

Infinity Servo Static 1A, tri-amplified system. Various others. At the time I though it was pretty good but I'm sure the Sanders Electrostats or the Sound Lab big panels would do a better job today. I can't leave out the Infinity RS1Bs because I'm still using half of the system. 
I never really envied any particular system configuration or felt I had to compromise sonically, regardless of price. As a former professional musician, my major criterion for putting a system together is whether instruments sound accurate. I’m not referring to a clinical, revealing accuracy of the recording which is bandied about regularly on this and other forums. Rather, I mean that a piano "sounds" like a piano is supposed to sound, a snare drum "sounds" like a snare drum should sound, etc. Of course, it’s only my perception of the requisite instrumental sonics, based on my professional experience, that guides me and has served me well over the years. YMMV.
I guess the question that I was trying to ask was, are there outrageous systems out there you have seen or heard or even read about which have qualities you want to have at home, and that have influenced the system you have today?  Or are these systems completely unrelated in your mind?

Or conversely, have you bought your best possible system, because you are not motivated by more expensive configurations anymore? 
No system at any price crush completely mine which cost me 500 bucks, even if many for sure are better...

But if there was a contest i will win in the category Maximum S.Q./minimum price and many people will be ashamed for the price paid for their "better" system compared to mine... 😊😁😎

My secret: acoustic controls mainly.....

Upgrading is for me impossible and ridiculous money wise....

I guess the question that I was trying to ask was, are there outrageous systems out there you have seen or heard or even read about which have qualities you want to have at home, and that have influenced the system you have today? Or are these systems completely unrelated in your mind?
No, to answer the first part....And to answer the second question, yes, they are unrelated completely.... No acoustic controls and no room are the same....

Not knowing that condemn most to chasing their tails and at the same time chasing the moon.... A difficult course of acrobatic...
Remember that 2C3D System on the cover of Stereophile? It was Avalon Eidolons, Spectral monos/preamp and MIT cables designed specifically to match them. I fell in love after demoing them at Overture. Over a couple of 1-2 hour demos, I was totally in awe, but too costly for me. So over a year+, Terry at Overture collected trade-in pieces for me...the Avalon Radian HC, the stereo version of the Spectral amp and 2nd Spectral preamp, MIT/Spectral cables. After so long a wait they delivered and setup the system in my home. It took less than a month for me to load it all in a van, drive 3 hours to Audio Connection and dump in all in favor of old Quad 63USAs and a bunch of tube gear that together satisfied me for years. 
Be careful what you ask for! Cheers,
Dream: Some years ago, I heard Grand Ventures (ancestors of the current Grand Ultimate Mk III?)  at RMAF.  Not sure 100k+ for any speakers is a good use of resources, but I thought they were absolutely stunning, and conspicuously better than many flagship speakers I've heard.
Reality: Listening to speakers at a (nominally) more reasonable 10k (give or take), I've been struck that while many are very nice, few stand out from the pack as clearly superior choices.
Nice dreaming about FAL Supreme speakers driven by Kondo amps. But a dream. So i started with Kondo KSL interconnects, long way to go.
But i enjoy much what i have for now.

I guess it all depends on what you are listening to: a high power amp with low efficiency, multiple driver speakers will do a good job on wall-of-sound rock but be challenged on piano solo or string quartetts. Conversely even horns on SETs will not produce the sound pressure needed on the former. So basically you start with sound pressure vs.resolution. I‘ll be contentious in saying that the power amp defines the rest of the chain. I started with Accuphase pre and power and IMF transmission lines, moved to Chord amps and B&W 801s to move to Graaf otls and Duevel Omnis. from there I moved to a Wavac power amp and now have the Duevels for 20 years. Obviously the front ends have changed quite a bit as well, fundamentally though the changes were always derivative to the Amp and speaker combination.