Dream/upgrade list: rogue ares

Current tables/equipment:
Pioneer (silver) pl600 w/an audio technica cartridge 
Uturn orbit w/ortofon 2m blue
(2) schiit mani phono preamps

I listen to a lot of jazz (cool, hardbop, big band) and 70s rock (floyd, yes, eagles..orig lineup)

I have read reviews about the rogue (magnum), but at what point would my tables have to be upgraded to make proper use of the rogue? Multiple pieces, but I wasn't sure what the best upgrade path was. 

Right now, this is just planning. But I do love analog/albums and tube equipment 

Phono stage is pretty important, so you may be able to hear more with an Ares right now. Having owned the Ares a few times now over the years, including the Magnum, my sense it that it’s a good stage that will hit its stride with a table in the 3K / 4K range (e.g. SOTA Sapphire, VPI Scoutmaster / Aries, etc) and a good MC cartridge in the > 0.5mV output range, e.g. Ortofon Cadenza Red / Blue / Bronze. Beyond that, exploration of even better phono stages would be fruitful. In fact, I was way "over serving" my Ares Magnum a couple years ago with Koetsu, etc. The noise floor of these Rogue units will being to work against the lowest output MC cartridges, so I recommend sticking with 0.45 mV and higher output levels there.

The main weakness in the non-Magnum Ares was the red-label CineMag 3440A SUT (I feel it’s a poor performer) in the box, which could be bypassed by running in MM mode with your own outboard SUT (many to choose from). The Magnum version fixed this with a much better blue-label SUT built in.

You should also keep an eye out for the older Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 SE stages, which are excellent sounding units with MC cartridges in the 0.5mv - 1.0 mV range.

Wow...I think this might have to stay on my dream list. Thank you for the detailed response 
I don't know the U-Turn, but in good shape (referring mainly to the condition of its springs) your PL-600 is an excellent turntable and worthy of a much better phono stage than the Schiit Mani.  In other words I see no need to give up on the Rogue Ares. 

However, as mulveling notes and for the same reason, I would certainly get the Ares Magnum rather than the vanilla edition.  Or, if your Audio-Technica is also an MM, you can always add a good step-up later on if you decide to try an MC cartridge.
Yeah, just to reiterate - I would expect you to hear a nice difference with an Ares (or that quality of phono stage) in your current system. I didn’t mean to infer you must have that $6K rig before getting the Ares. Used deals do pop up, and it’s worth keeping an eye out. Used Ares can be had for $1K, which is a great deal.

Another nice tube stage I’ve liked in the past is the Hagerman Trumpet, though it’s MM only so will require an outboard SUT (and extra set of cables) to handle MC cartridges.
I would like to upgrade the mm AT 120Eb cart in the pioneer. Too bright on some albums.
A good phono stage might well help with that too, as the AT-120Eb shouldn’t sound particularly bright.  Or it could be a set-up related issue.
I ordered a Rogue Ares Magnum and a Rega Ania MC cartridge for my Rega P6 TT from Goldprint Audio.
Does anyone have suggestions on what dip switch settings I should use on the Ares Magnum for this setup?
I set it to 100 and HIGH Gain and it sounds great. I am glad I traded up from the Rogue Triton II to the Ares Magnum. Very Happy!!
I have a Rogue audio Pharaoh integrated amp with built in MM/MC phono stage. It is a good phono stage, but the Schiit Mani out performs it. Can't comment on the Rogue stand alone phono pre, as I have not heard it.
mr_m  I haven't heard anyone with an Integrated Amp's phono-in ever sound as good as a stand alone Phono Preamp.
VAC's built-in phono stages are amazing, even better than the Ares in my experience. They aren't cheap add-ins, though. But yeah, the Ares should be playing at a much higher level than both the Pharaoh's built-in stage and the Schiit box.