dream theater systematic chaos on vinyl

kudos to roadrunner for issuing album on vinyl.
as a fan i purchased it even though i own the cd.
thoroughly surprised at the quality of the pressing.
both vocals and instruments have more air around them.
especially benefitting are Portnoys kick drum and jordans
keyboards which sound amazing on vinyl. vocals also sound more natural along with better backgrounds. overall found the vinyl quite enjoyable and highly recomended to any fan
This surprises me. Too bad my opinion of the album itself is so low I can't bring myself to spend the money on a second copy of it.

But good to know that DT albums sound good on vinyl - offers me hope for future re-issues of DT on vinyl.

Agree 100%...I was really looking forward to this album. Song writing took a few steps back on this one...Gave strentgh to those who question their song writing ability in general...
Too bad...