Dream System: Magico + Coincident + Wavelength ?

What do you guys think of this system that came up in my head as my future perfect system.

Magico Q3
Coincident Dragon
Coincident Statement Line Stage
Luxman D-06 Or Wavelength Cosecant

I have heard each of these components separately and think they might go very well together. I own the Dragons so am 25% there. Been day dreaming about this as my perfect system.
Wondering what you think ? What would you change.

I love transparency, low level detail, full bodied sound (contradiction?) and but despise brightness or very forward analytical sound.

Listen to mostly jazz, acoustic, vocals.
Not sure that the Q3 and the 211 based Dragons would be the best combination. I've never heard the Q3, but with a nominal impedance of 5ohm with dips into the low 2's, it may present a challenge for Dragon which doesn’t even have a 4ohm output tap.
Agree with BRF on the Dragon's and the Magico's. I love the Coincident stuff, and I like the one audition I have heard of Magicos (not the Q3) but I probably wouldn't pair Magicos and Dragons.
I am planning on similar system with the Magico Q3, Coincident Statement Linestage, Merrill Audio Veritas Monoblocks and the Lampizator Level 5 DAC with DSD. The Veritas have more than enough power to drive the Q3's.
I have to agree with Brf and Brownsfan. The Dragon MK II is a splendid
amplifier but I don't believe the low impedance Magico Q3 is the preferred
match. The Dragon has 8 and 16 ohm speaker taps and that would concern
me driving a speaker that dips below 3 ohms. Obviously if you could hear
them paired together that would settle the issue. Personally I believe that
the Dragon would perform to its fullest potential with a higher ohm load
speaker. The Magico probably is better suited for SS amplifiers. Essrand
the Dragon and Coincident linestage would be pure sonic heaven.
That looks to be a very nice system you're planning, the Veritas amp would
seem a fine match with the Magico(in terms of driving the speaker load).
The Dragon MK II "may" work out well also but a 4 ohm tap
would be desirable with that speaker load. With the superb Dragon this is a
case of building around an amp rather than the speaker.
I am tempted by the Dragons as it will mate perfectly with the Coincident Linestage, but I am scared due to the impedance of the speakers. I chose the Veritas because I also think SS amplifier would suit the Magico's very well.
Got to go with the majority on this one. I would not be pairing the Magico and Dragon together. Be sure to demo them together at your preferred listening level and with your favorite music.

Yes. I am almost about to pull a trigger on a Coincident Line Stage.

Thanks for the advice guys, I will stop dreaming about the Q3.

I do want to build the system around the Dragons. They are amazing.

Any suggestions other than Coincident speakers ?
I recall you were given many good speaker recommendations on your Devore Orangutan thread.
Hi Charles1dad,

Based on someone's (Kiddman or Mapman) suggestion on the Devore Orangutan thread, I went RMAF 2013 and heard most of the speakers mentioned in that thread (Coincident, Devore, Tanner Friedl, VA The Kiss). It was a great experience.

Most of the speakers in that thread concentrated on high efficiency, since I bought the Dragons, I can now expand my speaker search. So wondering what other speakers I can think of.

My top choices are still the Devore Orangutan O/96 (not O/93 which is a tad less transparent) and Verity Parsifal Encore/Ovation.

But I do not know how well they will mate with the Dragons.
The Dragons and the Verity Parsifal Ovation will work very nicely.
I'd think either of these speakers would be a good match with the Dragons. I've not heard the Verity but they're certainty well regarded. I heard the Orangutan just once at RMAF 2011 and thought that they were good but I wasn't blown away by them.

You heard both (different room and system I assume) what did you like about them? Given their different design they must sound rather distinct from one another.
Just got Q3 nothing comes close selling Mini2s.
Congrats ebm ! while visiting various forums I know you were on the lookout for Q3. Yes they are wonderful.

Yes I was not blown away by the Devores either. Therefore the search still continues. I have only heard Verity Parsifal Ovation monitors not the fullrange with the woofers. But I heard the Verity Fidelio fullrange. So I can approximate how they sound.
Too bad they were not represented at RMAF.
I used an 845 SET amplifier with Verity Parsifil Encores prior to purchasing Coincident speakers. Given the choice today, I would take the new Parsifil Ovations over my Coincident. If you are looking at used Verity’s, I whole heartily recommend the new Ovations over the earlier Parsifil models. That's a high recommendation since I love my Coincidents.
I don't know how similar/dissimilar our hearing and taste may be. My Coincident Total Eclipse with the upgraded Duelund CAST has been simply fantastic sounding (I know you have the same). If you're that impressed with the Verity Ovation if must be quite special. Brf, as a point of reference do you like Magico speakers? I've heard 5 of their models and I just don't like them at all. I recognize and respect that we all have individual sonic preferences.

Hi Charles1dad, I have never heard any Magico speakers, therefore, I cannot comment on their sound.

The Verity Parsifil Ovations are very natural and musical just like the Coincident, but are more room and placement friendly due to the optional rear or forward facing woofer. The two independent and isolated cabinets really help with high level detail and sound coherency very much in the same manner as Coincident’s top of line PR Extreme.

Verity and Coincident are similarly voiced IMHO. Like you, I am very happy with my current speakers and I am not motivated to change, BUT if someone wanted to trade, I would give it some very serious consideration.
Hi Brf,
Thanks, yes "natural" and "musical honesty" are my must have qualities. Emotion, soul, holistic realism and humanistic communication are vital attributes. It seems I'd really like Verity speakers based on your description. Hope to hear them one day.
No vinyl front end.

Epic fail!

"Epic fail" I disagree with that conclusion, Essrand can have a
fabulous sounding system with a well conceived digital source. Analog
front ends can sound great or not so great. Digital is no different, it's
Who says he can't have both sources? I think Essrand is building a top
quality natural sounding system given his choices so far.
I had a question posted earlier about getting a Coincident Phono to start building a top flight vinyl frontend.
But frankly I do not have the time/experience/budget for it right now.
I also listen to a lot of music that are hard to get on Vinyl.
I have a clearaudio concept with MM that should do for now.

I will get back to Vinyl once I have enough records and experience to justify the expense.

Thanks a lot BRF, your post really help because I was wondering if Parsifal Encore would be as good as the latest Ovation. Since there is an Encoder on Agon for a good price now. Guess I should prefer the Ovation.
If you are going with Coincicent go wth his speakers too, better than the Magicos.
I think MAGICO is much better!!
That's why I love a marketplace that provides choices. You prefer the Magico and voted with your wallet, that's good. Others such as Kiddman and myself find the Coincident better sounding, no right or wrong choice. We buy what we individually like and I suspect the Magico will serve you very well, congratulations and enjoy them.