Dream Syndicate

Have a cultural treat this weekend in Atlanta. Going to see the Dream Syndicate performing again after 25 years. They are going to play "Days of Wine and Roses" tonight and "Medicine Show" tomorrow. I have really enjoyed Steve Wynn's recent solo works and his band The Baseball Project. Unlike many artists who can't seem to hit the high notes after 25 years, the paisley underground songs of the 80's were noted more for melodic guitar feedback, distortion, and organized chaos in general. I haven't heard music like this live in a long time- should be fun. Of course, it will be a little different than back in the day because I will be taking Uber so I can reminisce in the appropriate frame of mind and not worry about getting home.
Hey tube some videos if you get the chance.
I envy you and I wish I could be there too
>> I will be taking Uber so I can reminisce in the appropriate frame of mind and not worry about getting home. <<

What the heck is "Uber"?

I had the same question.
Sorry to burst the mind expanding bubble,but "Uber" is an interurban "ride" service,so it is a "designated driver" service of sorts.Nothing like the Nova express.....
Thanks Jazz. I guess my post made the car service sound like some kind of exotic designer drug. It is really just a way for me to have a few beers and avoid the Five-O so to speak.
I do not understand Paisley Underground. There last album in 1989 was nothing and I mean nothing Paisley about them. I am in the group of fans that thought they were the last gasp of 1960s garage bands. With guitars as weapons of mass destruction. I am going to the Brooklyn concert in November at the Rough Trade.
I forgot they also opened for REM as well
Loved the concert! Fabulous guitar work. Maybe 200 of us there. Nice encore of John Coltrane Stereo Blues. Hoping for their best song: Boston. He said "next time". Rough Trade is a an interesting place. Largest collection of new vinyl I have seen in a very long time. Interesting dudes
behind the counter, to say the least!
Sounds like fun. Thanks for the heads up on the BFTG upcoming release by the way. With all the software corrected radio fodder these days, maybe it is time for the garage bands of the world to shake things up again. How about compensating for lack of perfect pitch and guitar skills with a little more feedback?