Dream State Audio power cords......

Just looking for some opinions on these power cords from people who did buy them, but also from people who didn't and buy them and why ..... it will going on a good solid state amp.
Check out my system. The Dream State Lucid on my SS integrated amp is awesome.

I will add this too, when I have all Dream State power cords in my system, there is a magical holographic image of the soundstage in front of me. Take one out, and it disappears. It still sounds really good, but the special magical experience is gone. Put it back in and it's back.

It doesn't even have to be the most expensive Dream State power cords to provide the magic. I had a Deep Dream in for a time before upgrading and it provided the magic too.
I had a Dream State Lucid Dream, I tried it on my amp, preamp, CDP and PLC. I always got the pretty much the same results. First of all, let me say that tonally, I really liked this cord. I thought it's midrange was the purest I've ever heard. Solo piano, guitar and vocals were stellar.

Now to my nits with the cord. First, I felt the soundstage was pushed too far forward for my tastes, I prefer a more 3-D sound as opposed to a front row seat. If you want the front row seat, you will probably love this cord. The one other nit I had with it was the bass was too dominant, and constantly drew my attention to it. On some recordings the bass was overpowering the midrange. Where there wasn't much bass information on the recording was when the midrange purity of the Dream State was allowed to shine through.

In the end, I sold the cord. Again, possibly the best midrange tone that I've ever heard, but the forwardness and the bass were just not my cup o' tea.

I have 7 Dream State P/Cs including the Natural Dream, Vivid Natural Dream, Deep Dream, Dream Catcher and the magnificent Epic Gold Dream. I've auditioned a TON of power cords over the years. I find this manufacturer to have done an exceptional job in getting things right. Dream State manufactures different power cords for different applications. For your power amp, probably, the Lucid Dream would be your best cord, 2nd, the Deep Dream. I use the Deep Dream for my monoblocks. If you use a power conditioner, put in a Dream Catcher. This power cord is a monster. Fabulous bass, very open soundstage and excellent detail. The absolute ultimate power cord is the Epic Gold Dream. There were only 16 of these made due to extremely limited ultra quality gold. Fortunately, I own two of them. The Epic is virtually indescribable. This cord gives you the absolute best of everything. Low, tight, thundering bass, every intricate detail is reproduced with the ultimate in pristine clarity. But ohhh the midrange! Voices are rich and beautiful. Brass and strings are velvety smooth with musicality beyond anything I've ever experienced. This cord could definitely be the absolute best ever made.

I wanted to expound a bit on the Dream State line as many of you guys may have never had the opportunity to hear one. This is a small company and there are not a whole lot of these cords in the market.

They are all superior power cords and certainly deserve strong consideration.
Jaguar is right. I have an Epic and it easily beats Shunyata Anaconda Helix and Isoclean Supreme Focus and Purist Audio Venustas. (I have all of these in my rig for a few years). I don't know about the other DS cords but the Epic is the best I have heard.
I have an opportunity to purchase one of the Dream State Epic Gold power cords. While I have no doubt that the sonic qualities of this cord would be fantastic, I'm curious if anyone can comment on it's rigidity and/or stiffness. I'm especially concerned about the IEC female plug that I would be plugging in to the rear of my preamp. The space between the rear of the preamp and the wall is somewhat limited and I'm concerned that the cord might be a bit too stiff at that end in order to curve downward enough when plugged in. Any thoughts from anyone on this?