Dream DAC with USB A-port

I am still waiting for my dream DAC with a USB A-port that lets you connect a 1 or 2 TB solid state drive directly, doing away with all the usb or ethernet cabling. And if you still want to spin physical discs from a transport, a high quality BNC/XLR digital input is also de rigeur. Of course, the analog outputs should be well-designed, either XLR or single-ended with a friendly output impedance for all types of pre-amps. I remember Guido asking about solid state drives but I can't find any such high-end DAC yet. If I am missing something, maybe someone can point me to it.
I am hoping that the big-name manufacturers will do this for their next-gen DAC. At the moment, the closest thing we have is the Invicta Mirus from Resonessence Labs but that is good only for SD cards which are limited in capacity and high in price.
One day, all DAC's should be made this way, with USB A-ports for portable solid state drives.
Found it but SQ remains to be heard.

Another from Naim :-


PCM only; no balanced outputs.
Flagship model from Cambridge Audio :-


All 3 companies above are of UK origin.
Will US companies follow suit? Hope so.
Favorable review of Cocktail Audio X40, now rebranded as Nova Fidelity :-

Rave review of Cambridge Audio's CXN streamer/dac :-

Good review of the Krell Connect by Dagogo :-



Does pcm only up to 192/24.