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Does anyone build their own power cables? I've been using furutech fps 55 n (10 awg) and 032 with furutech f1 50 male connector and IEC, this is a shielded cable so I unbraid the copper shield and twist it together and connect to the earth ground with ground conductor inside the plug to act as a drain wire, is it best to connect to male end or IEC for analog equipment   
If you want it shielded only at male end.
No matter if it is for analogue or digital.
You may also skip the shielding and see how it performs.

That is a really nice bulk cable and nice plugs that should result in good sounding power cords for you. 

Most connect the shield to the source (i.e., male plug) end only.  Since the shield is already part of your bulk cable, I would connect it (to the plug end). Some people believe shields may reduce dynamics (I have not heard this with my cords) and choose not to include or connect a shield.  I would only consider unshielded cords for high current applications, such as power amplifiers.   I would always suggest shielding cords used for digital and/or front end equipment.    Furutech FP alpha 3 power cable is the only manufactured cable I have come across that doesn't have a shield, but there are probably more.
I have yet to see the DIY power cord that was worth the cost of the parts, let alone the time it took to build it. You think you’re getting a good deal. But have you ever compared what you built to what you could buy with that same amount of money? I have. Nothing yet even comes close. I even have one right now, some guy sent me. Read one of my posts bashing DIY cables. Thought he would prove me wrong. To his credit, it is the best DIY power cord I have ever heard. No bass, hyped top end, but exceptionally present midrange, good detail and imaging. $250 worth of the latest greatest Furutech and whatnot. Beaten by a 30 year old AC Master Coupler, $175.

This all makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it for like three seconds. If it was so easy to make a power cord you could pull wire off a reel slap a plug on either end, well some guy would be doing it for money. With volume and planning he would get his parts cost and production time down way more than you ever could doing just your one. He could then sell it at a profit for less than it cost you to make yours. Happens all the time with all kinds of stuff. It is just nuts to think you are the one guy to find the one exception to the efficient markets hypothesis that is so proven it is the very foundation of our entire world economy and way of life.

Anyone wants to check it out can have this the most finest DIY power cord I ever heard for the cost of shipping. This is the one way it might be worth it so I would leap on it if I were you.
Bad form to shatter dreams without offering some hope. There is one DIY project that will greatly improve any power cord, interconnect, or speaker cable: active shielding. 

Used by Synergistic Research for years, Active Shielding is a known method and easily implemented. Ordinary battery ground strap is a braided tube pressed flat. Squish the braid, round it out, slide it over your wire. Solder a wire at one end, run it back along the inside to the other. Solder a small cap and resistor in series with this wire. Attach a 30V DC power supply. Quality matters but any cheap wall wart will do for proof of concept. Later on you can upgrade that for a nice improvement. Slide another one of those fancy plastic braided sheath things over the outside so it looks pretty. Or not. Works the same either way. 

Plug it in. Be amazed, as this actually does work.
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Mr. carbon, maybe you should hold onto your DIY cable. It might sound great once you purchase your new integrated, you never know.

The reason I bring this up is that I think I remember you mentioned in a previous thread you can’t hear any sonic differences when using different tubes in your integrated. Beyond strange to hear to those of us that a tube change yields a major sonic difference, i.e., tube rolling.  

I always laugh when cable companies sell their ideas. I was glad to have helped them 50 years ago when there weren’t any cable companies. Guess what, "THEY" (the cable companies) were in their garages making cables, learning what I learned 55 years ago from my father.. I make better cable than I would EVER buy from MOST of theses cable companies..

Why are mine better? I made them, no short cuts, and NO HOG WASH. I also look at what they sell, go where THEY buy it from and buy the same way. It ain’t rocket science, as a matter of fact, it is down right simple stuff being sold as some sort of MAGIC cable.. it is not.. BUT they are extremely expensive, BUT NOT, REPEAT NOT worth some of the prices being charged.

There is no such thing as a 5K cable, after you pay for it, THERE IS...
The same goes for all the other rip off pricing.. Somebody gets pay for somebody’s KID’S college tuition. MINE went to trade schools and learned a trade or two..

You see the guy that taught me worked for SAC (MMAG) a Military Maintenance, Advisory Group a sub set of S.A.C. When you deliver a bomb that causes EVERYTHING on an airplane to stop working. You better know about wiring and shielding... I learned there is a proper type of materials and a way to connect things properly and SECURE IT... That sums up the 1000 slaps in the back of my head for talking back..

Cables SHAKING at 5-7 mile up in the air, won’t work properly.. How do you talk to the guy in the BACK of the plane, through a WIRE, when all this interference is going on around you, AND understand them?

A cable from one end of a B-36 to the other is how long? That’s right there could be NO chaffing, cuts, or breaks, you mess up the cable you pull a new one and test.. A football field for ONE cable..

Stereo cable and a lot of the TECH came from JOE BLOW, the retired Master Mechanics and Electricians from the services around the WWII, Korea, Vietnam eras. No jobs, and a stereo in the house lead to two thing, a lot of tinkering and a lot of drinking... I just did the tinkering part, my father was NEVER out of work.. BUT the drinkin’ part... There were a lot of Ham operators back then too.. Smart cookies..

Do GREAT cables exist? YES. Do you have to pay someone else to make them? Maybe. I’m glad I don’t. Do they make a HUGE difference, OH HELL YES!!. I guess because I’ve always used good cables, I’ve never heard better, that would make me change to their cables..

I’m A/Bing a Ribbon cable that cost 110.00 usd against another ribbon cable that cost 13K. I’ll take the one for 110.00 with the terminal ends I changed to silver over red copper (so they said) 29.00 more..

Cable companies are in business to reliever you of your money, NO MORE. Some just leave their patrons with more in their pockets.. LOL
Others are so "Middle man America", they want to do one thing BUT MAKE YOU feel good about it.... 10-20k RCAs.. I just laugh to no end, an RCA that cost more than my 140.00 usd Ribbon Speaker ICs.. NEVER
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I'll bow to this, "cables make a big difference", especially in sound quality.

Does it have to be made by a "CABLE making COMPANY"? Absolutely NOT..

Are there some great companies out there, making great cables? Oh yea! Do I need to buy from them? NO.. BUT I wish them well.

No Roller in my drive way either.. Cryin' shame.. I deserve one. Chauffeur please. I want to go buy some speaker cables, take me to MY airport, Denmark, please...PRONTO, Before the evening meal, old man.. ta ta..
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The ground is connected at both ends.  The shield should connect to the ground at the male end.

Serious question: what is the mental disease associated with cable haters posting in all cable forums they can find called?
Who is a cable hater? Really, you can’t leave home without one. If you have a pace maker with a little zapper, gotta change the batteries.

If you want to listen to music, you gotta use somethin’..

You mean HATE the prices and hype.. Yea. I just saw, 1 meter cables for 17K. I swallowed my tongue and had a seizure.. I had to give myself Mouth to Mouth and CPR.. That’s hard..

17K, go set in the corner and think about what you’re charging...BIG pointed hat for that one.. The bigger dummy is the guy that BUYS it. Then and only then is it worth 17K. Up to that point about 500.00 usd MAYBE..

Great cable I’m sure.. I’ll give it, it’s props for sure.. Just not 16.5k more.. LOL pure NUTS... Starvin’ children somewhere for God sakes... :-(
NO IT’S WRONG... Startin’ to feel like kenjit did about speakers.. LOL
BUT there are some great cables out there too. The Helix is a real winner.

Oh oh I want a Learjet too, pilot please that can fly DRUNK or loaded very well. No sober pilots need apply.
Obviously, the entity now posting as Audio2Design. Previously posting under several handles until those were banned. He keeps resurfacing over and over again with new handles.

P.S. I just noticed he now deleted all his posts on this thread. Or maybe the moderators deleted them. I don’t know
thyname who has he posted as before? I’m nosey. I’ve never seen his style of writing by anyone else. He has a style of his own.. Arrogant and irritating at times, but no more or less than me as I see it.. Just tell him the truth, "You wear girls underwear".  Quit being so darn TECHIE, I'm just a common man.. Speak "Scotty", not "Mr. Spock", That's all I can du, captian!
Scotty your fired!

I’ve grown more accustomed to people like him in my life, honestly life is just to short, and I’m just too gullible anymore.. I always weight the message and the intent. Tourette’s anyone.. LOL Delivery on the other hand can be brutal. I find it funny. The rise he can get, and the way folks get so ticked off..

Same difference with MC, LOL he could piss of the POPE.. Still I like his snarky delivery.. He will try stuff too. God loves a person who tries.. No Try, No room for back talk, AY? No BS with MC that’s for sure.. Not a gear whore either, tweak whore maybe. I don’t know, maybe he don’t charge.
What’s that make ya? Normal?

Master M, the Titan of Tinker.. My brother in all things other than all other things.. :-) We agreed that we should agree, not to disagree, we agreed on that..
This particular pope is a libtard sellout ignoramus I would wish for the opportunity to piss off. Some others though, John Paul the Great I should be so lucky as to meet, bow and scrape, whatever it takes. Him I admire. The current one can stuff it. 

Even Popes you see are individual. Take em as they come. Just like everything else. 
John Paul was a great person. I agree. The current fella, again I'm not to impressed either. BUT John Paul the man was a "Gandhi, a Billy Graham and a MLK", all wrapped up in one. He lived a long time too.. No I don't think even you could piss him off.. Maybe.. More over I'd doubt you would want to.. Seemed like a pretty cool guy, actually..
I would love to meet the Dalai Lama and break bread... That I think would be worth "A fist full of dollars" maybe "Two mules of sister Sarah's" too.. :-)
This particular pope is a libtard sellout ignoramus.....
You always have to turn this place into a dumbed down version of farcebook.
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Are we gonna see a new avatar soon?

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