Dragonfly Cobalt cuts out after ~5 s.

Help! I have a Dragonfly Cobalt on the fritz. It will play the streaming music from Spotify or a FM station one channel only then cut-out. 

Thinking that it may be an issue with the preamp I switched to a CD player and a FM tuner both are working fine.

Then I used Windows 11 sound diagnostics, and the test beep is only one channel

I switched cable leads into the preamp and the other channel works like the original...on for ~5secs then cuts out.



The system was off for several weeks. 

I tried a different USB port with the same result only 1 channel for about 5s then completely no sound.

The Cobalt is ~2 years old.



Replacing it with the same unit seems like a mistake, in my opinion. Should have tried a Questyle M-15. Much better dac/amp. Better sound and $80 cheaper.