Decided to upgrade the sound of my computer. Had two Logitech speakers that were $29.95 per pair and purchased
the Edifier speaker from Amazon for $100.00 per pair shipping included. The sound was 100 times better. My next thought was to bypass the DAC in the computer and replace it was the Dragon Fly Red by Audio Quest which sold
for $199.00. After installing the DAC, my question is should I keep the DAC at CD quality 44.1 or go to the 24 bit 96
hi resolution setting. On the computer I only listen to You tube music and cd's that I have downloaded to my hard drive.
I have read that if you set the Dragon Fly at a higher resolution than the source that there is a degrading of the sound.
I set a CD at 44/1 and 96 and did not hear much of a difference. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Please take this in the spirit intended.It is highly unlikely you will be able to hear any difference in your system...That is a really good DAC & will scale up in speakers a long way..That is where you will be able to utilize the higher res...
I agree with freediver and would keep sample rate at 44.1. Would not 'ask' the dragonfly to upscale. 
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I believe the question was NOT wether the dragonfly would make an improvement, but wether the upsampling would. OP can try and decide for him/herself. I believe that the DAC will make an improvement used either way. I also believe the level of improvement would increase with an upgrade in speakers.  Wish I had not used the term upscale, opposed to upsample.