drag me into the digital age!!

evening Goners,

My children gifted me an early set of Christmas presents that include an Auralic Aires streamer(?), a Holo Audio Kitsune Edition Dac(?/), a Holo Audio digital to digital converter(???) and a stack of digital xlr,hdmi and USB cables....

Of course, being my kids, the last two months have gone by without either one setting this up to run with my Gamut amp and preamp and my Bryston headphone amp!!
My CD player is a Rega Isis that has a USB"out"...
Since I am duty bound not to let this sit any longer I would be EXTREMELY grateful from any Digitophiles out there!

This isn't right... your kids are supposed to steal your equipment, pawn it and buy drugs.... WTH!
To be totally transparent...I am 66 so the term “ kids” is relative:-)
That said, I have been the champion of analog in my home even through the day stages in audio...
what I know of digital fits into a thimble !
unfortunately, the two Kitsune pieces do NOT come with Instructions!!
I wish to learn how to connect these pieces and the proper cables to do so...
if someone would help me either over the phone or online it would be of great help!
thanks all
My ‘I’ ‘T’ guy was a 11 year old when I got started  now I can do it on my own ! 
Hi azjake this is actually pretty easy, leaving aside the digital to digital converter, you can just connect the Aries to the Kitsune DAC with either a coax digital interconnect or USB. Your choice but USB does usually let you use higher sampling rates than coax. You then connect the Dac to your Gamut preamp, if it has XLR inputs you can use those cables as the Dac has XLR outs, otherwise use the RCA outputs to an RCA input on the Gamut.

That is basically all you need to do connection-wise, you will need to setup the Aries which is not hard, I have an Aries Mini. It should have instructions on how to do this,  first you need to download the Lightning DS app which controls the Aries. One note this app will only run on IOS so you will need an ipad or iphone. Then you turn the Aries on and run through the steps of connecting it to your wifi network. If you have more questions feel free to PM me on here happy to help.