Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati has signed off :-(

Howard Hesseman has passed away.

I loved his character.  Many, many laughs.





Heard interview with him on NPR the other day, very interesting and intelligent guy.


Born and Raised in Cincinnati,OH.

Actually WKRP was a TV Show name,

There is WKRC TV 12 a CBS affiliate

WKRC 550 am talk radio 

WKRQ 101.9 fm Pop Hits radio 

I always enjoyed watching WKRP the whole cast

Avid collector of WKRP memorabilia. Have the Blondie Gold Record for Parallel Lines (presented to the Staff of WKRP) that hung on the wall in Seasons 2 thru 4. Purchased it directly from Skip D'amico who was given the award at the end of the shows run. His name is in the closing credits of most of the episodes.

  About 5 years ago Loni Anderson sold off most of her worldly possessions at an auction house in California.  I have her WKRP Satin Baseball Jacket and the T-Shirt she wore during the WKRP vs WPIG Softball game episode. Sadly her Shorts werent included!!  :)   Also a bunch of very large photos of the cast that she had framed.  A WKRP Bracelet that Gary Sandy had given her as a present when they were dating and her WKRP Binder where all her Scripts for each show were kept.  Also have "Bailey's" Script Binder with her name on it that I got years later off of EBAY when she unloaded some of her stuff.