I have have the locked down vinyl since its release about a year ago. I absolutely love this record in every way ,production,feel,tone you name it. It was my favorite of 2012 by far.

After realizing it was Dan Auerbach from black keys who produced I was curious about his band the black keys. I love blues all kinds but I cannot seem to get behind the keys at all.

My love for Locked Down remains strong however. Go out and buy it now!!!
Thanks for the post Fromunda. I have not heard Locked Down but I will soon rectify that. The good Doctor traveled through here a few years ago and I was lucky enough to catch what was a really good show. I like his funkiness and variety and he is certainly one of a kind (with a skull on the piano during his concert). I particularly enjoy his Duke Elegant disc.
I like Black Keys on LP. There's something elemental about their sound and writing that captures me if I'm in the right mood, making me want to stay within their raw aesthetic. Auerbach is a good craftsman of songs. In concert I found them disappointing, though, staying tightly rehearsed without much exploration of their material.

I like Dr. John and was excited about Locked Down upon release but I have to admit, I've only spun it twice. Hasn't quite worked for me yet.
Listen to Gris Gris an early Dr.John LP. Then spin Locked Down right after....you will then get the essence of what I believe Auerbach and co. were going for.

I personally feel Gris Gris is the his finest album . Locked Down is the Doctor looking back with a sly wink but launching into the future...even at 75 years old!
Don't know about the newbie, but for classic Dr. John check out "Gumbo." That is the stuff. "The Right Place" is also excellent, but Gumbo just kills, every track.
I saw Dr. John a couple of weeks ago at Tulane Graduation. He Played several songs with Allen Toussaint. The cool thing is his Voice still sounds amazing. Girlfriend and I were shocked at his age his voice was sounded like it did years ago.