I have have the locked down vinyl since its release about a year ago. I absolutely love this record in every way ,production,feel,tone you name it. It was my favorite of 2012 by far.

After realizing it was Dan Auerbach from black keys who produced I was curious about his band the black keys. I love blues all kinds but I cannot seem to get behind the keys at all.

My love for Locked Down remains strong however. Go out and buy it now!!!
I am a big Dr. John fan. One of my favorite LPs is "The City That Care Forgot". Excellent.
Big Dr. John fan here too. I have not been able to make myself like "Locked Down". There, I said it.

Sorry to hear it Shakeydeal...give it a few more spins.it is a creeper for sure. His early Gris Gris album is a Swampy voodoo masterpiece as well!
In his older age, 'the good' Dr John is not slowing down a bit.

Happy Listening!
Black Keys can grow on you...I wasn't immediately taken either. But now that you mention them, think I'll go play them tonight. Thanks for the Dr. John recommendation. I respect the dude but he's an example of something a bit of a stretch for me (and I can appreciate Tom Waits, which seems somehow relevant). Undoubtedly, more a comment on my tastes and not Dr. J's talents. Worth giving him another try - I'll see what I can find on You Tube. Actually met him years ago in a hotel lobby in Metarie (Kenner?), LA. I said something stupid like, "I like that what you do is not so mainstream." He came back with, "Well I hope this next one is more mainstream." (or words to that effect). Big dude wearing a funky long overcoat. Birds flying in and out of his beard (not really). Deep gravelly voice.