I have have the locked down vinyl since its release about a year ago. I absolutely love this record in every way ,production,feel,tone you name it. It was my favorite of 2012 by far.

After realizing it was Dan Auerbach from black keys who produced I was curious about his band the black keys. I love blues all kinds but I cannot seem to get behind the keys at all.

My love for Locked Down remains strong however. Go out and buy it now!!!
I am a big Dr. John fan. One of my favorite LPs is "The City That Care Forgot". Excellent.
In his older age, 'the good' Dr John is not slowing down a bit.

Happy Listening!
Big Dr. John fan here too. I have not been able to make myself like "Locked Down". There, I said it.

Sorry to hear it Shakeydeal...give it a few more spins.it is a creeper for sure. His early Gris Gris album is a Swampy voodoo masterpiece as well!

I'm a long time fan of Dr. John, I'll have to get that.
Black Keys can grow on you...I wasn't immediately taken either. But now that you mention them, think I'll go play them tonight. Thanks for the Dr. John recommendation. I respect the dude but he's an example of something a bit of a stretch for me (and I can appreciate Tom Waits, which seems somehow relevant). Undoubtedly, more a comment on my tastes and not Dr. J's talents. Worth giving him another try - I'll see what I can find on You Tube. Actually met him years ago in a hotel lobby in Metarie (Kenner?), LA. I said something stupid like, "I like that what you do is not so mainstream." He came back with, "Well I hope this next one is more mainstream." (or words to that effect). Big dude wearing a funky long overcoat. Birds flying in and out of his beard (not really). Deep gravelly voice.
Try, 'Nawlinz: dis, dat or D'udda' By Dr John. One of my favorites.
I agree with Shakey.
I'm with the OP on this one. One of last year's best. It sounds more like Dan Auerbach's role was greater than producer and that he and Dr.John jointly composed the material. As such it succeeds brilliantly-- and I'm no fan of the Black Keys.
Thanks for the post Fromunda. I have not heard Locked Down but I will soon rectify that. The good Doctor traveled through here a few years ago and I was lucky enough to catch what was a really good show. I like his funkiness and variety and he is certainly one of a kind (with a skull on the piano during his concert). I particularly enjoy his Duke Elegant disc.
Don't know about the newbie, but for classic Dr. John check out "Gumbo." That is the stuff. "The Right Place" is also excellent, but Gumbo just kills, every track.
I like Black Keys on LP. There's something elemental about their sound and writing that captures me if I'm in the right mood, making me want to stay within their raw aesthetic. Auerbach is a good craftsman of songs. In concert I found them disappointing, though, staying tightly rehearsed without much exploration of their material.

I like Dr. John and was excited about Locked Down upon release but I have to admit, I've only spun it twice. Hasn't quite worked for me yet.
Listen to Gris Gris an early Dr.John LP. Then spin Locked Down right after....you will then get the essence of what I believe Auerbach and co. were going for.

I personally feel Gris Gris is the his finest album . Locked Down is the Doctor looking back with a sly wink but launching into the future...even at 75 years old!
I saw Dr. John a couple of weeks ago at Tulane Graduation. He Played several songs with Allen Toussaint. The cool thing is his Voice still sounds amazing. Girlfriend and I were shocked at his age his voice was sounded like it did years ago.
I agree.
I can't get with Black keys either.
But the Dr. John Production is great.
But how much production does the Doctor need?
The Dr is playing a free show next week at the jazz festival in Rochester. Can't wait to see him again after many years and hear him perform some new music.
"Gris Gris", is "Narlins" is the way live.

"Narlins" is the way New Orleans is pronounced by the inhabitants, and Dr. John is one of it's most celebrated inhabitants; he symbolizes the unique music and culture of that city.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Dr. John was a powerful hoodoo practitioner in New Orleans, according to our "Dr. John". All of this is on the cover of "Creole Moon", although "Gris Gris" goes more into the "Hoodoo" aspect of the New Orleans culture.

When we hear Dr. John, we hear "Narlins".

Enjoy the music.
I checked out "Locked Down" yesterday, and must say I agree with Shakeydeal on this one. I can't really get into it. To me is sounds too much like The Black Keys. Even the vocals sound far removed from the distinct quality of Dr. John's voice, most likely due to the "distortion" Auerbach uses on his vocals, which he seemed to have done with this album as well. I'd take "Gris-Gris" and "Gumbo" any day over this one. The good news is the record was plated and pressed at Pallas in Germany so the vinyl quality should at least be good.