Dr. John

Any suggestions, especially live ???

Dr. John "In A Sentimental Mood" is very good (if you can locate it on LP, CD is available).

itunes store has several of his albums posted for previews including the aforementioned.... and you can dowload them as 256 files, and whole albums.
IMHO,anything by Dr. John is good.I especially reccomend "Television" great songs,great playing and well recorded.
The one essential Dr. John LP is Gumbo.An overview of New Orleans R&B.You can't go wrong with"In the Right Place". His London Lp "Sun,Moon &Herbs" from the late 60s has virtually every rocker in London playing on it,yet still sounds totally Dr.For Live there's an album from the 80s in London that rocks(Live in London).The two solo LPs on the Clear Cuts label are both excellent.If you are looking for these on Vinyl,I have dupes on nearly everything,except Live in London.After you get warmed up with The Doctor there's always Professor Longhair,Allen Toussaint,Tuts Washington to keep your feets moving.
I like Gris Gris, his first album.

Allmusic says:

The most exploratory and psychedelic outing of Dr. John's career, a one-of-a-kind fusion of New Orleans Mardi Gras R&B and voodoo mysticism. Great rasping, bluesy vocals, soulful backup singers, and eerie melodies on flute, sax, and clarinet, as well as odd Middle Eastern-like chanting and mandolin runs. It's got the setting of a strange religious ritual, but the mood is far more joyous than solemn
Yeah...Gris Gris is my favorite. For those not Cajun this is pronounced gree gree not griss griss.
"Such a night" is a killer live lp.I think it's european but worth finding.
"Such A Night" is the live in london LP.It is an English release on Spindrift Records.Spin107 (1984).
Dr. John Live at Montreux 1995 is a super introduction to the Dr. john experience. good sound, too.
I second GUMBO.
I can't get enough of it!
i have a 2cd set put out by rhino and it is very good
I have "Gris Gris", but like "sun, moon, & herbs" better. A real trip!
The album Dr. John plays Mac Rebennack. Solo piano Some great playing.
The song "In a Sentimental Mood" by Dr. John, is the most beautiful I have ever heard.
gumbo, desitively bonnaroo...
in no particular order.


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I like his theme song to the Curious George cartoons on PBS.