Dr Feikert vs Funk Firm LSD

I am looking to upgrade a vintage Luxman PD 284 turntable and have been reading about the Funk Firm LSD and the new Feikert Volare.  Neither are available nearby for a listen, so I am going for the most part on others opinions.
Anyone have any direct experience with either table?

Hello:  just received my Funk LSD.  Unfortunately, one channel must have come loose in shipping so I’m listening in mono at the moment !  The company has responded quickly and I should have the new arm next week.  What. I can say:
even in mono, this arm/table is delivering much more detail than my very old table.  It’s apparently built well.  The vector drive is a bit fiddly but once set up its worked perfectly.  Build quality is nice though the clear cover is pretty thin; I’m removing it permanently as I’m not a fan of these covers. The variable tone arm weight has allowed me to fine tune my Hana SL cartridge quite nicely - I have the arm slider weight pretty close to the head shell with track force at 2gr - very cool feature not seen on other popular decks. The arm, and stable pace seems to keep the sound very neutral.  The wall wart is quite light, and will be replaced eventually.  Lovely little turntable....
Call Blackbird Audio he use to sell the LSD he might be able to give you some insight. I called him about my Pink Triangle Pink Link power supply. We started talking about the LSD and told me his customers and himself had nothing but trouble with the table and dropped the line. I'm sure there are two sides to every story. You may want to look at reliability issues.

That’s a “no brainer!

Take the Feickert Volare and enjoy!
Agreed,  I have placed my order
Stereo Unlimited has the Volare...have not heard it but it looks absolutely stunning, i would listen if in market....