Dr. Feickert Protractor

What will Dr. Feickert's protractor do that the paper alignment protractor that came with the turntable can't do? 

It is an excellent tool. However, be sure to verify the absolute calibration of the pivot to spindle dimension. My protractor was off by about 1mm. A setting of 258mm for a VPI arm, was actually 259mm.  Easily acounted for by setting the protractor to an indicated value 1mm less than desired.
I verified my protractor by using a metric ruler, and verified the ruler against another ruler.

At the risk of starting another war, I would like to offer the following observation.  The MintLP, which I happen to use myself and like quite well, is based on the Stevenson model.  Sorry Raul.  Which, leads to my main reason for posting: The differences between all of these models:  Lofgren, Baerwald, and Stevenson are not great.  Certainly not worth the steam they consistently cause to be generated in these discussions.  Furthermore, for any who would care to spend the time, the Logren and Baerwald models are so close that it is all but certain that the difference in sound between them is imperceptible all else equal.  Trust me on this unless you have nothing better to do.  In which case I feel sorry for you.
I have owned a MintLP (Rega), Dr Feikert 2Gen, and now a SMARTractor.  The Feikert and SMARTractor were used with a VPI JMW3D arm.  The SMARTractor is the best by far, and most expensive.  I am dealing with cartridges in the range of $2800 to $6500 so the $550 I spent on the SMARTractor is money well spent.  I was not that impressed with the MintLP on my Rega RB2000 arm.