DQ-LP1 Transformer

Afternoon fellows, Don’t post very often, but get a great deal from your discussions.
 I am running 2 McIntosh 2205s to run 2 pairs of DQ-10. 2 MC2100s to power 2 DQ-1W with a c20 preamp. My crossover is a DQ-LP1.
My question has to do with DQ-LP1 upgrade I am trying to do. I’m thinking of changing out the transformer for a higher current in order to accommodate new opamps. Is there a rating that would be ideal? I have just enough knowledge to get into trouble! And also, I am not particularly concerned with being able to put the “lid” back on. Thanks in advance for your input and expertise.
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Give Frank Van Alstine a call. He knows the DQ-LP1 well, at one time offering an upgrade for the unit.
Yes, I’ve corresponded with Frank by email and he says he no longer works on these.
He was generous in sending me the article he wrote on the subject some 30 years ago. I am looking for fresh input, as it were. No disrespect at all, but got the impression that he had little interest in the current project....
@epiii---I got rid of the link I had to the company offering service/parts/upgrades for lots of the Dahlquist products when I sold my DQ-LP1 (I got myself a First Watt B4, a much more flexible active x/o. It sounds like you don't require that versatility for your setup), but a search may bring it up for you. They may be able to advise you.
These are probably the guys (ex Dahlquist employees), to which bdp24 referred, that do the Dahlquist repairs/upgrades: http://www.regnar.com/
The DQ-LP1 use a 35mA transformer, to accommodate new opamps with higher current draw, a transformer with 100mA capacity should be adequate.
You can find some low profile transformer like this one and not to concerned with being unable to put the “lid” back on.

Thanks imhifiman, I’m checking it out