DQ-41 or DD-35???

I've got the chance to purchase either of these, and I need advice - which one is the better performer? The DD-35 has an S-shaped arm (model?) and the DQ-41 has the CF-1 arm. What should I expect to pay for either one? Does either have quirks I should know about? Thanks for any guidance anyone can offer...
Sorry; I forgot to mention that these are Micro Seiki turntables and arms. I'm hooked on the Micro brand, but just learning about them, and not yet an owner, so any advice or comments would be very helpful. Thanks!
You could probably ID the arm on this site.


Anyone have info on the Micro-seiki DQX-500?

It wont turn, lights are on but the motor doesn´t turn.

PSU deliver 18,5 volts DC