DQ-20i Bass/amplification

Hi all,
I just finally got DQ-20i's! I had the foam surrounds
The bass is pretty weak in my opinion... Mids and highs
Are a bit edgy but still really airy and open sounding.
I'm running a yamaha p2200 amplifier that's 200watts
Per channel..
I've been reading up on these ampzilla amps.. Was wondering
About those..
I also have a Conrad Johnson PV10A tube preamp..
I would love to try a tube power amp again but think
The bass might get even softer!
Or maybe try bi-amping with a MV-55 on the top and
A bigger solid state maybe a mcintosh for the lows..
OR, does the capacitor upgrade help that much!?
Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
The foam needs to loosen up a little. Play these for 100 hours or so, then re-evaluate.
You want to make absolutely sure the drivers are reconnected with proper polarity. If one speaker is connected backward, the result would be weak bass. It's an easy mistake to make -- and easy to correct.
Your description of the DQ20i sound is nothing like what I've experienced with the 3 pair I've owned/heard.
I have a friend who has DQ20s that he powers with a same-vintage Phase Linear
700. Good match.

I also agree about letting the new surrounds loosen up and check for polarity.