I picked up some DQ-10's in hopes of building a better system. I had read a lot of good things about them on the web and they fit into my price range (400) plus it would give me something to screw with. I really liked the sound except for mid and low bass. I found a Dalquist crossover and hooked it up to a cheap Velodyne Sub. Low base good enough for me, but mid bass still seems weak and distant. Would a 200 watt amp make a big difference? I am currently running a Robertson Audio 4010 which I think only has 75 a side. I like the amp, but was wondering if a 200 watt Rotel get the midbase back. Currently the sound is great on a song like Treetop Flyer, but can start to fall apart on harder faster music. Snare drums seem a bit distant and muffled. Music is from a PC via optical to a Rotel 1098 that does all the DA conversion. Music is in .wav format uncompressed. Not much disposible audio income.
They like lots of power, and that could be the problem.
DQ 10s need power,I beleive they are a minimum of 40 or 50 watts..75 a side is not enough.Yes with 200 a side the bass will be there.BUT WHY Rotel?
Upgrade the crossovers.
Thanks guys. Did the mirror image mod last night with an a baffle from a mirrored set, so it was very easy. Seemed to help slightly with imaging. I also picked up a Rotel RB-991 (200x2) off Ebay really cheap. Why Rotel? Bryston 4B would have been my first choice, but the Rotel got decent reviews and are very cheap now, so we'll see.
I was thinking about upgrading the crossover. Regnar sells a kit for 2 bills. I have the wiring diagram and some of the cap values are no longer made making the Regar kit more attractive.