Dq-10 Rotted Speaker Foam Repair

Hello. Got a pair of DQ-10s need to replace the rotted foam (cones are good). Don't have a lot of money so just bought two foam replacements to install myself. Anyone give me a step by step? I have no idea what I'm doing but if I have vague instructions I can figure it out. I just don't want to force anything unintenionally. Do I leave the big wood faceplate attached and somehow pop the speaker out of the gasket or what? And how should I apply the foam (which side goes which way)? As much info as you can give would be helpful... thanks
Good luck - It's difficult to explain without seeing fotos. Biggest problem is shimming the cones...
Do not despair. This is easy. Step by step instructions with pictures are available at decware.com Just click on speaker repair. I've refoamed several myself.

I did this job about 6 months ago on an old pair of DQ-10's and it's pretty easy. "Simply Speakers" web site has a good step by step tutorial. BTW you do not remove the 1.5 inch wide cardboard spacer (looks a little wood like)that surrounds the cone. I think this was Advent's way of putting a smaller woofer in a larger frame. Good Luck.
While were on the subject of DQ-10's, ive read about all these mods that people have done to them...ie x-over rebuilds and such, and i wondered if anyone had any experience with what i can do to mine that would help the most. I realize thats a little vauge but any suggestions are good. BTW, mine are an early pair that arent mirrored. Would it be a good idea to mirror them?