DQ-10, QUAD, Sound Lab, WAMM,Sequerra NF

DQ-10, QUAD 57, Sound Lab Ultimate, WAMM and Sequerra NFM. Which one is better in reproducing a realistic soundstage ?
With proper positioning-nothing approaches ESL57.Raanan
Reylon's response reminds me of the fellow who was asked which car he would rather have..a Ford or a Plymouth? His answer. An Oldsmobile. Seriously though, it would be a rare audio bird that could answer your question with any basis in experience.
You are absolutely right !!! I have the Spica !!!
I have heard the Quad ESL 63 and the WAMM in the same room on different occaisions. I have heard several systems in the $20K and up range including sound labs, ML statements, etc. The WAMM is on a different level-the only thing I have heard that even approaches it would be the IRS. Listening to the WAMM play a classical piece by a string quartet was the ONLY time I have thought I was actually listening to a live event when listening to a hifi system and this, by the way, was in 1986. I can only imagine what the current version must sound like, but there are probably some other challengers that have surfaced over the years. By the way, the grand slams I heard were a disappointment.
I agree with some of the thoughts above. Have had the DQ-10 and many others...but like the soundstage on Magnepan MG-20 better than anything I have heard or owned.
How about the Tympani Series ? Are they any good ?
I have had the older Tympani 1D and would suggest the current 1.6 or 3.6 over them. Again, from DQ-10 to Quads to any of the ones mentioned above....you are in very good company. None of these are a choice between good and bad.. ...the luxury of many good choices. Best of luck.
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