DPS turntable

I have accepted the fact that I'll never be able to afford a DPS table, particularly now that AYRE is upgrading the motor and the price, but I might be able to come close (some day) so- what other table should I consider, what tables share the same philosophy of PRAT and musical involvement? I've herd a lot of tables and none have move me the way that the DPS did, is there hope?

It is a completely different direction than the VPI, and mass-loaded tables aim for (as good as they can be). I don't think that I will be able to go the mega-Linn route without it getting into the DPS price range, so thoughts appreciated, but those were two directions I've tried, and there are so many tables out there now and so many possibilities...

DPS / arm?? / Soundsmith cartridge w/phono-preamp, that would do it.

TW Raven ?
Gregg, I understand what you're saying completely, my friend's DPS produces such a black background its scary. It also is out of my price range and I'm in the same position as you, a few that I'm thinking about are Well Tempered, Acoustic Solid and maybe Nottingham...
Listen to a Well Tempered and you have it, specially with a seperate motor controller.
..are you thinking also of the Well-Tempered arm? I've worked with it...it's a dog to set up correctly.
Well, when the dps is delivered with a Schroeder Arm, what's the difference?
Thomas: what do you mean by "listen to a WT and you have it"?

Stringreen, I'm a newbie when it comes to analog, is the WT arm that hard to set up? If its a good table, can I get it without the WT arm and subsitute another more "user friendly" arm?
User friendly is a wonderful term. Especially for someone with little experience with this stuff. The Well-Tempered arm is very difficult to adjust. You most likely will get better performance and satisfaction from a different arm. I just looked at the Well-Temepered website, and see that there have been major revisions to the tonearm. The site says that the new arms are much more user friendly. I don't know..
Hi Thomasheisig,

I've listened to well Reference on a different system. It was a good table, but I did not find that it had the quality I'm talking about.