DPA Digital DAC: company info?

I have a DPA Digital digital-to-analog converter (SX 256), from Wales, UK. Wonderful sounding DAC, but I'm in the market to sell it. Anyone heard of them, or know where I can get more information? Any opinion on their overall quality would be appreciated, too. I know it retails for 3k british pounds. I can't find a website, or much info on it. You can check it out at:
I own a DPA PDM2 dac, cost around UK 2000 back in 1992 (two box unit). Sadly, DPA (Deltec Precision Audio) bit the dust a couple of years ago...I had all sorts of trouble trying to get a replacement dac chip to repair my unit, but eventually tracked one down (I am in Australia).
I am told though that their dacs are still quite competitive by todays standards, a guy on AA told me his PDM2 compared well with one of the more recent Levinson models...
I owned the PDM 1024 and now have the SX-512, both cost around 10K British Pound. Sound and technology are the top of the world, even compare with the latest technology. We compare it with the Burmester 970, dCS, Boulder and most give highest point to my DPA. It is unwise to sell your unit because you are hardly to get another good listening dac in the market. I was told by my friend in Europe, Robert has started a new business in dac, the WATTS audio since early this year after he left the Chord (Electronics)while finishing the DAC64.