"Downsizing" to a maybe better CDP?

I need to sell my Linn Karik, and would like to buy used newer and hopefuly better sounding player than old Linn, for $700 max. Considering Sony 9000, but i am not interested in video and it doesn't play CD-r's aand i read that Sony doesn't play well regular CD's ? Any other suggestion for SACD or DVD-a, or just a CDP, that plays HCDC redbook CD's will be greatly appreciated. Listen classical(large and small), world, some jazz and very little pop/rock. Own Watt/Puppy 3, Perreaux P-250, Audible illusions 3a.
Do not touch Sony.A Rega Planet 2000 is a good choice.
1masino- If you were to find a used Sony XA7ES for around that price (usually 800-900), grab it. It's a fine player and a great transport. That's a tough price range in which to find a new player that's a true standout. Good luck.
The Cambridge 500, Rega Planet, and Audio Refinement Complete are well thought of in your price range. There's a great selection of quality CDP's if you stretch your budget some. Your finances are none of my business, but a $700 CDP probably won't do the rest of your system justice.
In terms of getting the most bang for your buck, forget players like the REGA or Cambridge and consider a Pioneer 24/96 DVD player modified by Stan Warren instead. It is much more musical than any of the "audiophile" cd players under $1200 IMHO. The best part is that this set-up only costs about $500 including the mod!
If you like the sony sound fine.Though I think for the same money you can do better.I hate the Japanese sound.To Digital sounding.Chalk board noise.
Rega planet 2000! I Spent last night comparing my origional planet to an ARC CD2, considered one of the better single box solutions. Sure the planet lost some ground, mostly with classical, but the old Rega was not embarassed. It is spotty (70%) with CDRs but the new planet should be OK in that department. Check first if that's really important.
Creek CD43mk2, excellent player. A little over $700 though. Can be had here on Audiogon for $849. It does not have HDCD, I think HDCD is over rated anyway. I f you must have it Music Hall has a new player with it for about $500. I have not heard it, but read good things about it.
Denon DCD-1650AR, a 2001 Stereophile B component lists for $1000 and typically sells for around $500 used. A remarkable cdp for under a grand new.
Jeffoistarca picks, the Stan Warren DVD (I have one), and the Rotel RCD991 used or the RCD971 new.
Not, that i just think you should keep Karik, but you should ad Numerik DAC! It would be probably one of the best digital sources you could have for the money! At least it would be complimentary to your gear. Well if $$ is in question, what i understand very well, i would look into older Proceed CDP (some questions on relability)or Cal Tempest II, built like a tank.