Downsizing: Separates>Integrated --PSAudio>Pass Labs

Moving soon to a smaller space. 

Currently have PS Audio BHK 300's and a BHK Pre Amp.

Keeping this stuff in new space will work but have begun thinking about going with an integrated amp.

Any thoughts on going from my PSAudio separates to a Pass Labs Int-250?

Thank you


I auditioned the ACRH-3, and while a good listen, lacked some bite. I went with Musical Fidelity M6si. 220w into 8 ohms. Dual mono design. Give it a consideration. 

Luxman 509X is REALLY musical and carries some serious current capabilities to run most anything.  Mine runs ATC 20 passives which are sealed boxes and kind of  knarly to run well.  Best success.

I own the Pass INT25 in a medium sized room driving Fritz Carrera BE's.

They do not require a lot of power. Lotta magic there.

I have heard the newer Luxman INTs. One about $7k and the other $9k.

They are both very musical and likely just as good as the Pass.

The Lux was paired with Paradigm Founder 100. Pure Magic.

Music Lovers in SF.