Downsizing: Separates>Integrated --PSAudio>Pass Labs

Moving soon to a smaller space. 

Currently have PS Audio BHK 300's and a BHK Pre Amp.

Keeping this stuff in new space will work but have begun thinking about going with an integrated amp.

Any thoughts on going from my PSAudio separates to a Pass Labs Int-250?

Thank you


If you have to go the integrated route, then the Int250 is most likely one of the best choices. But I think you understand that going from monoblock amps and preamp to a one box solution involves making compromises. 

I would look for a Gryphon Diablo 300. Virtually no compromise compared to what you have today and albeit relatively large and most definitely heavy, a single component that can makes downsizing very palatable.

Thank you

Unfortunately the Gryphon is just out of my price range but it does look awesome 

you don't mention your speakers or your space... but pass integrated should be just fine, how it will compare sonically will depend somewhat on what tubes you used in your bhk300s

Pass 250 is a very good choice. I ow one myself. If you do’t need the power the pass it 60 is also a good choice. Another amp I would consider would be the Hegal 590. I’d I did not have the pass that would be my choice. Much less money on the use market and maybe depending o your listening preferences many better then the pass.


Thank you. Good point.

My speakers are Vandersteen Treo CT

space is a med size room.

The INT-60 is pretty attractive given the price difference vs. the INT 250.

Any thoughts on driving the Vandersteens with the 60 vs 250?

I think the 60 may be sufficient in a smallish room. But I find Pass Labs very pricey compared with other brands. 

I dont have much experience with integrated but I did in house demo a little Hegel Rost. It was impressive enough that if I ever collapse I would include their products into my list of candidates.

People on here also have given positive feedback on Rogue Audio’s hybrid solutions (Tube/Hypex).


Also, PS audio has a integrated offering although pure class D.  


You should look at the Aesthetix Mimas. It's a great match with the Trio CT's. I have used the combination for years after downsizing from an Aesthetix Calypso and Atlas. If you are near New Jersey you should reach out to John Rutan at the Audio Connection. Good Luck!


This may be a little off the beaten path, but I am really digging my Margules ACRH3. Very musical, good power for my Volti Razz. It’s a very listenable combo. Plus it looks beautiful IMO.

You should also consider the Parasounds.  The Hint 6 can be found in the $2-3k range and offers plenty of power and flexibility

Pass is a distinct sound that imho works best with so.e speakers than others.

Personally would take Luxman over both, then Parasound

I auditioned the ACRH-3, and while a good listen, lacked some bite. I went with Musical Fidelity M6si. 220w into 8 ohms. Dual mono design. Give it a consideration. 

Luxman 509X is REALLY musical and carries some serious current capabilities to run most anything.  Mine runs ATC 20 passives which are sealed boxes and kind of  knarly to run well.  Best success.

I own the Pass INT25 in a medium sized room driving Fritz Carrera BE's.

They do not require a lot of power. Lotta magic there.

I have heard the newer Luxman INTs. One about $7k and the other $9k.

They are both very musical and likely just as good as the Pass.

The Lux was paired with Paradigm Founder 100. Pure Magic.

Music Lovers in SF.

Get a Class D Integrated amp from Jeff Roland, Atmasphere , or the king daddy, Aavik. These 3 have it down. Tubey sound with power and detail. Spectacular.

The pass labs 250 is verygood I am thinking about buying it has the verywell known 250.8 amplifier inside I have heard it a bunch of times , the only one imo 

thatbests it is the gryphon Diablo300. Which now is even better with the new 330 model but retail $25 k is a lotof $$. 
I heard the new Luxman 570Z. Which is very musical and retail $9 k 

my friend got his for less at Perrotta consulting its110 wpc into 8ohmsand 210 into 4  weighs 56 lbs .the pass labshuge heat sinks weighs105  all depends how power hungry your speakers are.

Didn't think to downsize a little bit less and go for a stereo amp? For instance the BHK 250 vs 2 BHK 300s. You could save money and keep sound signature you are liking.

Did you ever consider the Belles Virtuoso? It is a fantastic match with the treos. I heard them together at Johnnys shop at audio connection.  The belles is a sweet dual mono amp. 200 per channel into 8 ohms. 16 amps peak power per channel.

Coda CsIB is a pretty decent integrated.  Can be configured up to the first 18 watts in class A. 

Consider also PrimaLuna. I’ve been running their HP Integrated with 8 TungSol KT-150’s with glorious results into Focal Aria 936’s (with an impedance load that drops to 2.7).  With the KT150’s, about 100 wpc of amazing SQ. 

Lots of great suggestions here that aren’t new Caddy money (although Russian tubes aren’t getting any cheaper these days).

I moved from the Hegel h360 to the psa bhk 250 amp and sounds much better. IMO, you wouldn’t be saving much room by getting rid of the mono’s, just stack them in a rack or put each 1 in back of the speaker. You might want the power of the mono’s in the future if you decide to get different speakers. For a smaller room I used to have the totem mani 2’s that I drove with 1000 watt mono blocks because these small speakers were so inefficient. Keep the 300’s, if you are all digital and have a ds sr dac as you only source, get rid of the preamp and go directly to the mono’s from the dac.

@hheedah  the Musical Fidelity M6si was definitely my other choice! A solid piece of gear and it does everything so right. I may end up getting one for my man cave system that would benefit from the extra power the M6 has. The other I was considering was the Anthem STR. Can’t go wrong with either one. 
Picking up the Margules hit all my happy buttons tho. The smooth liquid sound being primary of course. Also that it’s a bit unusual and IMO pretty to look at. (who ever said this hobby was logical?)

If you're into liquidity of sound making for a smooth rendition, the Belles Signature Integrated may float your boat.


Thank you. Good point.

My speakers are Vandersteen Treo CT

space is a med size room.

The INT-60 is pretty attractive given the price difference vs. the INT 250.

Any thoughts on driving the Vandersteens with the 60 vs 250?

honest answer is i don’t know.... the pass integrateds do have a little less headroom than their sister power amps (int60 vs xa30.8 for instance)... depends a lot on how loud you listen - but since you’re coming from the bhk300 monos i sense you are used to having alot of power... maybe safer to get the larger amp -- the treos are rather inefficient (85 db/w/m) but present a fairly reasonable/middling impedance load (6 ohm nominal, 3 ohm min) to the amp

i would concur with others saying that big pass amps do get quite pricey, and if getting best value for $ is a priority, i personally would try a hegel h390 or 590 (with perhaps a tube staged dac)... they sound uber clean and lovely, if a little leaner than the pass ... stepping back from the specific amp, if you go to a straight solid state integrated you will need to replicate the tubed input stage of the bhk’s elsewhere else in the chain to maintain a similar tonality i suspect

Accuphase.  Broad range of options.  Ability to add high quality DAC and Phono Stage cards. Moderate high price (especially in US). Will last a lifetime.